Best Tips for Cleaning Houses with Pets, Pt 1

Our furry friends bring joy to our lives. They’re our friends and an important part of our families, but with the presence of these furry friends comes a challenge. How do we keep our homes clean of the fluff, fur, and dander that our pets bring in? What about muddy paw prints and dirt that pups might track over our floors?

This week we’ll take a look at several tips that will give you a clean, fur free home for you, your family, and your pets.

Keeping Your Home Fur Free

*Dust Weekly: pets leave behind dander and dust and hair. They bring in dust. They track around crumbs. No matter the type of pet, there will be dust of some sort. These elements float around (including the hair) until they settle on our household objects.

Dusting once a week will cut down the amount of dust and hair that is floating around. If you feel that your home is prone to more dust, dust twice a week. It’s also important to change the air filters in your home as well. Keeping up with this will cut down the dust in your home (with pets or otherwise!)

*Sweep & Vacuum Often: this will depend on what sorts of pets you have, how many, how messy they are, and the size of your home. A larger house with a lot of pets will need to be vacuumed thoroughly two or three times a week. A smaller apartment with one small pet will need only once a week.

Be very thorough as you vacuum. Get under furniture and keep an eye out for places that seem to collect large amounts of fur (the trim along the floor is an important place to look).

*Mop: once a week, try to mop up hard floor surfaces. Especially if you have dogs. Dogs are likely to track in dirt and mud with their paws. Moping will keep your hardwood floors fresh and shining.

Next week, we’ll look at three more tips to help you keep your home in tip top shape if you have pets in your home.