Human Resource Manager
A fantastic team is looking for you! Maid to Shine® is looking for an compassionate individual who want to help us to transform lives!

Maid to Shine is now a hiring full-time Human Resource Manager with fantastic benefits! Our growing company is looking for an individual whose responsibility will be coordinating and implementing our hiring strategies for 3+ stores.


All applications must be turned in by Thursday June 22, 2017.


  • 1 or more years with Maid to Shine
  • Able to work in our Colorado Springs corporate office
  • Love talking to people. You will be talking and listening by phone to applicants 6+ hours a day.
  • NO experience needed

What Can I expect?

A quick overview of the position:

  1. Screening all applicants and scheduling interviews for all sites. (~80% of your time)
  2. Entering payroll for all sites. (~10% of your time)
  3. Ordering supplies for all sites (~5% of your time)
  4. Managing insurance and 401k for current team members. Gathering paperwork for team members that have left. Making sure paperwork is done for new techs. (~5% of your time)

Hours and Pay for the position:

Hours will be 40 hours per week at $20,000 salary + commission. There is also a guarantee that salary + commission will be at least $2,083 per month ($25,000 per year) if no unpaid days are taken off. Commission is dependent on the success of your hiring and company success. No limit on your commission.

First 12 months, we expect yearly pay to be ~$25,000. Next 12 months to be ~$25,000 to $35,000. Next 12 months to be ~$30,000 to $40,000. This pay is not guaranteed and is dependent on the overall success of Maid to Shine and your hiring.

Summary of Position

  • Applicants
    • Screening out applicants and only allowing super stars into our company
    • A clear understanding and ability to teach our hiring process
    • Thorough understanding of the true colors
    • Scheduling 1st interviews with the office managers
  • Payroll
    • Looking over time sheets to make sure they are correct
    • Preparing payroll for the office managers to print
    • Coordinating any deductions from paychecks (ie insurance)
  • Supplies
    • Checking our system and making sure all offices have cleaning supplies
    • Looking for when cleaning supplies are on sale and ordering at those times
    • Watching the budget for supplies
  • Taking care of team members
    • Understanding and helping team members to sign up for insurance
    • Understanding and helping team members to sign up for 401k
    • Making sure techs are taking their vacations and encouraging them to take healthy time off
    • Answering any questions dealing with payroll or policies
    • Loving on our current team members
  • Entering new team members into certain databases
    • running background checks
    • Sending information to required government agencies
  • Making sure Team Members that leave are finalized
    • Taking team members off of insurance and 401k
    • Taking phone calls from previous team members and any questions from their new employer
    • Taking care of unemployment claims when needed

Start Date

July 03, 2017. Starting at 2 days per week in HR and 3 days a week cleaning. Adding 1 day per week in HR every 2 weeks. 5 days a week after 6 weeks of being in the position.