Scheduling Manager

Scheduling Manager

Maid to Shine® is looking for our next position. We will be hiring for the Scheduling Manager Position for our Colorado Springs office.


All applications must be turned in by March 1, 2018


  • Been with Maid to Shine on or before January 2018 (3 months)
  • Have a heart to see people grow and learn
  • Willing to move near the service area
  • Have 2 weeks of training in Colorado Springs
  • Do you love Maid to Shines Values and Mission to leave Peace?

What Can I expect - A quick overview?

  • Answer the phone
  • Schedule Clients
  • Contact Leads
  • Filing and Organizing
  • Billing
  • Second opinion on interviews

Hours and Pay for the position:

Hours will be ~40 hours per week at $8.80 per hour + commission. You will receive 3.5% commission on all Maintenance Cleanings and ongoing Hourly Cleanings and 1% commission on all Deluxe, General, and First Time Hourly cleanings that you book. Maid to Shine guarantees that hourly + commission will total at least $13.00 per hour.

First 12 months after training, we expect yearly pay to be ~$25,000. Next 12 months to be ~$30,000. Next 12 months to be ~$35,000. This pay is not guaranteed and is dependent on the overall success of Maid to Shine and your leadership skills.

KRA - Summery of Position

  • Answering The Phone
    • Both future and current clients will be calling daily
    • Answer the phone within 3 rings
    • Clocking in and clocking out Cleaning Techs
    • Filtering out solicitors and applicants
  • Scheduling Clients
    • Meeting or exceeding expected scheduling goals
      • At least 1 out of every 6 clients that call to book a cleaning
      • 50% of total bookings to go ongoing
    • Schedule In home estimates
    • After a lead becomes a client they must be scheduled
    • Making sure that ongoing clients are on the schedule
  • Contacting Leads
    • Calling back leads that have previously contacted us to check up on them
    • Calling lead sources other than the phone (i.e. HomeAdvisor, AngiesList, Email)
    • Checking email for clients from the website and checking voicemail
    • Emailing quotes
  • Following the Action date list for all clients and leads
  • Running credit cards for the previous business day’s cleanings
  • Going with the Office manager to interviews
  • Filing and Organization
    • File Paperwork. Includes both client and cleaning tech paperwork.
    • Print schedules and work orders for Cleaning Techs
      • Give out on supply pick-up day
      • Email changes to cleaning techs
    • Get keys ready for the Cleaning Techs
  • Fill Cleaning Solution
    • Make sure that all cleaning solution is available for the techs by mixing the solution
    • Telling the office manager if more solution needs to be ordered

Start Date

April 16, 2018