Office Manager

Office Manager

Maid to Shine® is looking for our next position. We will be hiring for the Office Manager Position for our Boulder office.


All applications must be turned in by January 4, 2018


  • Been with Maid to Shine on or before April 2017 (1 year)
  • Have a heart to see people grow and learn
  • Are currently a Training Manager and Quality Control Manager
  • Willing to follow our Mission Statement and 10 core values
  • Willing to move near the service area

What Can I expect - A quick overview?

  • Hiring / Growing the Team
  • Running Team Meetings
  • Team Member Success
  • Office Success
  • Leading and growing others

Hours and Pay for the position:

After training, Hours will be 40 - 50 hours per week at $25,000 salary + commission.

First 12 months after training, we expect yearly pay to be ~$30,000. Next 12 months to be ~$45,000. Next 12 months to be ~$60,000. This pay is not guaranteed and is dependent on the overall success of Maid to Shine and your leadership skills.

KRA - Summery of Position

  • Hiring
    • Interviewing candidates
    • Only choosing team members that will be a good fit for the team
    • Only keeping super star people on the team
    • Growing the office
  • Training
    • You need to know every position and able to train it
    • You will need to know how to train the following positions:
      • Quality Control Manager
      • Training Manager
      • Scheduling Manager
      • Office Manager
    • Ongoing training with every team member
    • 90 day and yearly reviews for everyone
  • Team Member Success
    • Being a leader first and a friend second
    • Taking care of the people you are responsible for – Cleaning Techs and Office Staff
    • Talking to and listening to team members
    • Helping people that are struggling – in both their personal and professional life
    • Patience with everyone
    • Run and Plan Meetings
    • Following your action dates for team members
  • Office Success
    • Watching Revenue, expenses, and your budget
      • Making sure clients pay and looking over billing
      • Taking care of paychecks
      • Read your Profit and Loss statements
    • Answer phone and do quotes if you are in the office and scheduling manager is on the phone
    • Take over scheduling manager duties if she/he is out of the office
    • Keeping up with supplies
    • Go to In Home Estimates
    • Helping techs when needed
    • Continue learning new sales and team building techniques
    • Handling Client Problems the Scheduling Manager cannot manage
  • Your Time and Money
    • Working between 40-50 hours a week
    • Available Monday Through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and limited Saturday phone calls
    • Make a good living
      • First 12 months: Expect to make between $25,000 and $35,000
      • Year 2: should be over $35,000 and you can make whatever you grow your office to be

Start Date

January 22, 2018

Expect the Boulder Office to launch the earliest by August 2018 and the latest by January 2019. During this time you will be training and also running Denver for three months while Melissa is on maternity leave. This position will have some training in Colorado Springs and some in Denver.