10 Reasons to Hire Maid to Shine, Pt 1

Reasons for hiring cleaning services to clean for you are abundant. A quick Google search pulls up a million reasons why. Colorado Springs and Denver residents don’t need another generic article on “why hire” a cleaning service, but they might need to know why they should hire Maid to Shine!

We aren’t like other cleaning services, and we’re here to explain WHY Maid to Shine is the perfect fit for your home cleaning needs.

* Our goal is to leave you peace: while the obvious goal is to clean for you, we want to do so much more than just clean. We want to leave you peace. We want you to feel a burden lifted when you come home after we’ve been by to clean. No more stressing over busy schedules or choosing between cleaning or family time. We take away the stress of it all. We can gift you with peace

* Our cleaning techs are personally trained to give you the best, quality cleaning possible: our training methods are geared to equip every cleaning tech to be the best possible cleaner they can be. Our training managers take an entire week to work with our trainees one on one. It’s personal training, and very detailed. By the end of the week, our trainees know the ins and outs of our meticulous cleaning methods.

* We can save you time: one way Maid to Shine gives you peace is to save you time. You don’t have to worry about how or when you’ll squeeze in cleaning your home. We can do it for you!

* We deep clean your home before our regular “maintenance cleanings”: before we begin regularly cleaning your home, we come in to complete a deep clean. These cleanings get up the build-up and grime that might have been there for years. Once we’ve come through with our deep cleaning, your home is ready to maintain regularly.

* Every cleaning is adjusted to meet your needs and fit your home’s uniqueness: no two homes (or individual’s needs) are alike. That is why our cleanings can be tailored to suit your needs! Whether it’s time of day (we do mornings or afternoons) or specific rooms that need to be cleaned. We clean large homes, small homes, town homes, apartments, etc. We can clean any number of rooms in a home. If you only need one room and three bathrooms cleaned, we can do that! If you need the entire home cleaned, we can do that too! Just let our office know what you’re looking for from the cleaning.

Tune in next week for five more reasons why you should call up Maid to Shine to clean your home!

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  1. Hiring a professional housekeeper offers a lot of benefits. First, they are well versed at what they do. They also saves you time as well as cost. Great blog, keep up the good work.

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