10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Maid to Shine, Pt 2

Last week, we outlined the first five out of ten reasons why Maid to Shine should be Colorado Springs and Denver’s number one choice when hiring a cleaning service! This week, we’re here to give you the final five reasons why Maid to Shine is the best cleaning service to fit your cleaning needs.

* We hire kind, compassionate people to clean for you: it’s our priority to hire, kind compassionate individuals. We feel that kindness and compassion are integral to cleaning someone else’s home. No-one wants to hire a cleaning tech and find they lack basic compassion for our lives and needs. Our girls care about our clients.

* Once you sign up for regular cleanings, we assign you a tech to come to your home regularly: once a you’ve decided to hire Maid to Shine to clean your home on a regular basis, we assign a regular tech to maintain the cleaning of your homes. This allows you to know who is in your home every time, giving you peace of mind!

* Our cleaning supplies are all natural, 100% green (and safe!): here at Maid to Shine, we believe professional home cleanings can be done with 100% natural, green cleaners. We never bring in harsh chemical cleaners or bleach. We do the job with nothing but the safest cleaners. These cleaners are safe for you, your family, your pets, and the environment.

* We’re crazy about cleaning: no, seriously! We love to clean. We’re always delighted to come into your home and clean for you. It gives us joy to bring you peace, save you time, and make your life better because we’ve cleaned your home for you. We make sure the cleaning techs we hire are passionate about cleaning. They don’t have to have a background in cleaning to be hired, but we do want them to be passionate about the job! Passionate cleaners make great cleaning techs, who love nothing more than to come in and clean your home from top to bottom.

* Maid to Shine cares about our clients & our techs: we try to make it as clear as we possibly can that we care about our clients. But we also care about our cleaning techs. Employees that are loved and cared for will do nothing but thrive. The more we care for them, they more they’ll care for you.

These are only 10 of reasons we feel you should hire us to clean for you! There are hundreds of more. Reach out to us if you’re interested in scheduling a first, deep clean for your home!

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