10 Ways to Make Cleaning Easier, Pt 1

Endless cleaning tips are a great way to save time. It’s easy to let things slide, forget the cleaning, and let it build up until it’s an overwhelming task. But there are hundreds of tricks that can prevent this from happening in your home—yes, even if you have an unbelievably busy schedule! We’re always here to help you save time, even if they’re just a few, little tips like this.

5 of 10 Ways You can Make a Difference in Your Home

*Push & pull your vacuum slowly: the more you get out of your vacuuming, the more time you’ll save. It’s easy to vacuum quickly, cover the entire space, and the room looks as if we’ve done a thorough job. The carpet marks that vacuum suction leaves can make the floor appear clean; but that’s not always the case. A rapid vacuuming might be leaving behind dirt, deep in the carpet. The prevent this, slowly push and pull the vacuum with deliberation across the floor. This will make full use of the time you’re spending vacuuming. And it only takes a few more minutes to achieve a thorough vacuuming like this.

*Make your bed: your parents were right! Making your bed every day is very important. Not only does a neatly made bed contribute to the appearance of a tidy house, but it contributes to the mentality of keeping a clean home and productivity. But isn’t that too small of a chore to make a difference? Not at all! Sometimes it’s the little things, like a neat and tidy bed that make the most difference. If you can manage to make your bed, you can get anything and everything else done on your to-do list!

*Empty the dishwasher every morning: this is a great habit to form. Run the dishwasher the night before, and wake up to clean dishes! This is a very simple, easy way to help keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Empty it just before breakfast, and not only will you have all the dishes you need for an energetic start to your day, but it’s another simple task that keeps your kitchen looking fantastic and uncluttered.

*Don’t procrastinate on the “little things”: this is a harder one, but it’s very important. The busier we are, the more tempted we are to let the little things slide by. Do we really need to put that dirty plate in the dishwasher right now? Can’t we just let a little spill slide? If the bathroom isn’t that bad, why not clean it next week? There’s absolutely no harm in letting go of things every so often, but making it a habit can make more work for us in the long run. These little things will eventually build up until we can no longer deal with them. One dirty plate soon becomes one of many dishes; one missed week of cleaning the bathroom can become a month. The result is more time spent getting everything back to the way it’s supposed to be.

*Stay organised: this is a great habit that builds off of the last idea. Staying organised—at least, as much as is possible—is really important. Don’t let those corners, shelves, or living spaces build up with clutter. Put things away as neatly as possible as soon as you’ve finished. It might seem like a hassle in the moment, but this helpful habit prevents an excessive build-up of things that need to be put away later on.

These handy tips are just five of ten we have to share with you! Next week on the Maid to Shine blog we’ll discuss another five helpful tips to keep your life less cluttered, chaotic, and (most importantly) make cleaning easier for you!

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