5 Helpful Habits for Preventing Build Up

We talk a lot creating good cleaning habits, what we out to do to clean up, deep clean, etc. We know how to clean But what sort of habits can we form to prevent build up from happening in our homes?

We hope these tips will help you create great habits to supplement your home cleaning life style.

What Are the Benefits of Forming Habits that Prevent Build Up?

Firstly, what are the benefits of preventing build up from occurring? Getting into a habit of preventing build up has two key benefits. This keeps our homes looking much cleaner, and the other is that it cuts down the time we spend cleaning up our homes.

Of course, these are the two most obvious benefits, and there are sure to be more. But for now, we’ll dive into the habits that prevent the build up.

The First Three Tips

It’s really important to note that these tips are general enough they work for any area of the home: kitchen, bathroom, living spaces, bedrooms, etc. It works for inside the refrigerator, dusting, grimy sinks, and tubs, etc.

*Clean Frequently: a little obvious, but it’s very true (and important). The more we clean (even basic cleans) the less build up is allowed to accumulate. This makes it an important habit to prevent ugly and unsightly build up.

*Do a Thorough Job Every Time: when you clean, it’s vital that you do a thorough job. Cutting corners get you out of a time pinch (in the beginning); but eventually dirt will accumulate a little bit here and there. And when you find the time to deep clean it thoroughly, you’ll find it takes far more time than needed. A little bit of extra time taken to be completely thorough saves the most time in the long run.

*Clean Up Spills as You Go: when you spill in the kitchen, living spaces, or bathrooms clean it up right there and then. Don’t let it bake onto the stovetop, harden on the counters. A quick, instant wipe up prevents build up from occurring. And it typically takes just a few seconds of quick wiping, verses the spill hardening and taking much longer to scub off.

Are there Tips for Preventing Hardwater Build Up?

Absolutely! We’re no stranger to knowing what a challenge it is cleaning the hardwater in showers. While professional shower cleaning methods are great at cutting back on how much hard water is built up over time, half of the battle is preventing it.

The two best are to scrub and clean your tub, tiles, and glass shower doors often; but also, after every shower use a squeegee to swipe off the water. It’s very important to do this last step after every use. This prevents hardwater from drying on the glass and tiles and hardening into that ghastly, white layer.

We hope you find these tips will help you build helpful habits to save you time and prevent dirt and grime from building up in your cosy home!

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  1. I love these little tips and reminders! I know for me I have to really make it a habit to clean up right when a spill happens. It’s SO much easier to clean right then and there rather than, like you said, letting it build up over time. Thanks for reigniting my spark to stay on top of a clean home!

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