A Thorough Guide to Eco-Friendly Deep Cleaning for Your Toilet

Embarking on a green cleaning journey extends beyond the surfaces we see daily, reaching even the humblest yet essential fixture in our homes—the toilet. Today, we’ll explore the art of green cleaning for your toilet, demonstrating how natural ingredients and sustainable practices can turn this everyday necessity into a spotlessly clean and eco-friendly haven. Let’s dive into the details of achieving a sparkling, green-clean toilet space. Green cleaning involves embracing non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional cleaning agents. It is a safe alternative to harsh chemicals and by choosing natural ingredients, we not only maintain a clean living space but also contribute to a healthier planet.


The Green Cleaning Arsenal:

1. Baking Soda:

  • Gentle Scrubbing Agent: Ideal for removing stains and eliminating odors, baking soda is a natural and effective toilet cleaner. All you need is a bit of elbow grease and water to build a paste to help wipe away the grime.

2. White Vinegar:

  • Stain Removal Specialist: White vinegar’s acidic properties help dissolve mineral deposits, stains, and lime scale.

3. Castile Soap:

  • Plant-Powered Cleansing: An eco-friendly soap option that effectively cleans without harsh chemicals.

4. Cornstarch:

  • Natural Polisher: Cornstarch is perfect for achieving a shiny, polished finish on toilet surfaces.

Step-by-Step Green Cleaning Guide:

1. Prep Your Space:

  • Gather your green cleaning arsenal and have all necessary tools on hand. Put on protective gloves.

2. Dry Dusting:

  • Dust and sweep the toilet area, removing loose debris and dust from surrounding surfaces.

3. Baking Soda Scrub:

  • Create a paste using baking soda and water. Sprinkle the baking soda along the inner bowl of the toilet and use the water to build up a paste like substance with a toilet brush. With some pressure you can use said paste to start to scrub away the grime and stains.4. Vinegar Rinse:
  • Pour white vinegar into the toilet bowl, allowing it to sit and fizz. Use a toilet brush to scrub and remove remaining stains and mineral deposits.

6. Castile Soap Cleanse:

  • Mix a small amount of castile soap with water. Wipe down the exterior of the toilet, including the tank and handle, using a cloth or sponge. The trickiest spots are behind the toilet where the tank meets the wall, the front of the bowl, and don’t forget to get around the base of the toilet as well! You want to sanitize the area and we also recommend wiping down the baseboards and wall.

7. Cornstarch Polish:

  • Sprinkle cornstarch on the toilet seat and lid. Buff with a clean, dry cloth to achieve a polished finish.

8. Final Rinse:

  • Flush the toilet to ensure all cleaning agents are thoroughly rinsed away.


Envision a spotlessly clean fixture that not only serves its practical purpose but also contributes to a healthier, sustainable home. By adopting green cleaning practices, you transform the act of cleaning into a conscious choice—one that benefits both your living space and the planet. Cheers to a spotlessly clean, eco-friendly toilet!

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