All About Cleaning Rugs

Our rugs see a lot of traffic daily. Every member of our household and every visitor walk all over ours rugs with a great deal of frequency. With this amount of foot treading on our area rugs, it’s important that we know how to properly care for, clean, and maintain them.

The proper care for our area rugs will keep them from becoming too dingy, dusty, or dirty. This gives our rugs a longer life.

Below, we’ll take a look at some easy (but highly professional) cleaning hacks for rug maintenance.

How to Cut Back the Dust in Our Rugs

Our rug cleaning hacks are very simple, but don’t let their simplicity fool you! They’re very important steps to cleaning area rugs.

*remove dirt with vacuum cleaner: if the rugs in your living space are large, then you can get the dust out of your rugs with a simple, effective vacuuming. For maximum effectiveness, pull the vacuum slowly across the entire surface of the rug.

*use vacuum attachments: if there’s a lot of pet hair stuck in the rug fibers, you might want to use your specialized vacuum attachments to get them out. Attach them to the vacuum hose, getting on your hands and knees, and begin using the attachments to pull up the dust, hairs, etc.

*brush it off with a whisk broom: if your rugs are small and easily held by hand, you can use a small whisk broom to brush out the dust. Drape the rug over your arm, and with your free hand, whisk out the dust. This is a really great method for bathroom and small kitchen rugs!

If there’s a lot of hair or dust in the rug, be sure to vacuum or sweep the floor where you whisked it right afterwards. Or, you can dust all of your small rugs off outside.

How Often Should I Clean Rugs?

As a rule of thumb, once a week is a great start for rugs with average traffic. If you live alone your rugs might need a bi-weekly clean. If you have a large family, it might need a little extra (twice a week, for instance).

The frequency of the rug cleanings should be based on how often they’re walked on. Only you will know how often to clean them.

We hope these rug cleaning tips help you and give your rugs new life!

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