How to Avoid Apathetic Cleaning Habits

One of the most diabolical enemies to a clean home is apathy. If we simply don’t care about cleaning it won’t get done or if it’s done, it’s done in a hurry and without care.

A great mindset for cleaning—whether you’re cleaning your own home or cleaning professionally as a residential cleaning tech—is simply caring. Don’t let yourself go down the horrible pit of apathy while you clean. Clean as intentionally as possible and with considerable effort.

We don’t have to be wildly fanatical about cleaning. We just have to care, toss out the apathy, and clean. Caring, even just a little bit, about the results of our clean can make huge improvements to our routine and how clean things get when we clean them.

Cleaning Should Be Intentional

This means mindset, mood, and movement—everything— should be geared towards cleaning. When you gear up for cleaning, really buckle down to the task. Put your hand to the plow. It doesn’t mean you have to go over the top with what you do. Every cleaning doesn’t have to be a spring-cleaning level effort. Just be intentional about cleaning.

When you’re cleaning your toilet, really clean. Don’t do it half-heartedly. Forget your phone, all distractions, and clean.

Cleaning intentionally can help you save time and give you better results!

Clean Like a Force of Nature

By this, I don’t mean that you clean furiously or quickly. But that you clean as if there’s purpose behind what you’re doing! Get into it. Get into a such a great groove that you don’t want to get out of it because it would hinder your progress.

Clean With Focus

Concentrate on the cleaning. What distracts you? Is there something that helps you focus? What helps you clean with even more focus? Whatever it is, tap into that while you’re checking off your cleaning to do list. Is it a podcast? Or music? Is it zero distractions? Is it working alone, in a quiet and empty house? Whatever it is, tap into it. Really embrace it.

These will help you clean better and a little bit faster. Again, you don’t have to obsess about cleaning to do it well. But a little bit of focus can radically change how you clean and how it turns out.

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  1. For me, cleaning is a means of meditation. When an event is planned and there are a couple of hours before it, there aren’t many things you can plan in a couple of hours, but cleaning is just what you need.Especially if some important meeting is planned, cleaning allows you to distract your mind.

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