Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

At first glance, the baseboards in our homes might not look too dirty. Because baseboards aren’t something we often think about, this leaves them open to continue collecting dust, grease, pet hair, and other particles. Being intentional about cleaning your baseboards regularly will give your home a helpful lift, making it that much cleaner.

Cleaning with detail around the home makes an impact in the final results. While overlooking a detail here and there doesn’t make a home messy, it is the difference between an immaculate house cleaning and an average house cleaning. Cleaning with detail can also be the difference between a phenomenal home cleaning service and an acceptable home cleaning service.

This includes cleaning the baseboards frequently.

First Time Baseboard Cleanings

Cleaning the baseboards isn’t too daunting of a task. It is a relatively easy, straightforward process. You’ll just need a few cleaning rags and a good cleaner. A cleaner that is great for degreasing, if there is a lot of grime on the baseboards, will help cut through the dust and build up. Deep cleaning baseboards doesn’t take very many tools either, it just takes the effort to clean them.

Start by spraying a section of baseboard at your starting point. Don’t over soak it with your cleaner, so that it doesn’t damage the wall, baseboard, or carpet: spray just enough that the dust, pet hair, and grime can begin loosening up. It generally only takes a few seconds before the baseboard is ready to wipe down. Take one of your fresh, clean rags and wipe up the dust and dirt. Even when there is a lot of buildup, it shouldn’t take too much strength to clean off baseboards. Generally, the dirt and grime come up fairly easy.

Keep doing this around a room, working to the right, until you finish your circle of cleaning. If you need to, you can even move any furniture that might be up against the wall and in the way.

Maintaining Clean Baseboards

How do you maintain your baseboards on a regular basis? It’s a simple process, too. You can find a simple dusting tool to help with this. Stores sell dusting tools with long handles that prevent you from needing to dust on your hands and knees. Find one of these tools that suit you the best. Do a little research for long handled dusters. They’re easy to find online, and some even have options for longer or shorter handles, depending on what your preferred length is.

When you’ve obtained your dusting tool of choice, use it by running the dusting piece firmly along your baseboards. This pulls up any dust that settles onto it again. Work from one starting point, to the right, around the room, and then back again to the original point. It should only take a few minutes, depending on the size of the room.

Dusting and regularly maintaining your baseboards every week like this will keep your baseboards clean and dust free. The difference might seem slight, but the attention to detail will give your home a cleaner feel. So, whether or not you are cleaning your own space, or are running your own, local maid service, these Maid to Shine cleaning tips for baseboard cleaning will make your job easier!

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