Best Tips for Cleaning Houses with Pets, Pt 2

This week, we’ll continue on from where we left off last week. We’ve been sharing tips for keeping your home clean when you have furry friends!

*Clean the Nooks & Corners: this is a continuation of the idea that we should look for places where fur seems to get trapped. Get to know the rhythms of your home. Where does loose fur drift? What places seem to collect a lot of muddy paw prints? Where are the places your pets get dirtiest?

Sometimes it’s the little nooks and corners that harbour the most dirt and fur from our pets. Know where they are in your home. Clean them during every routine clean so that these places don’t get a high amount of build up.

*Use Vacuum Attachments: utilise your vacuum attachments as much as is possible. Use them to get into hard to reach places, use them to brush up fur from fabrics (such as cushions on furniture, pillows, carpeted stairs, etc.) We don’t always think of using our vacuum attachments, but using them has a huge advantage. They’re designed to make cleaning easier for us.

*Keep Your Pets Clean: this isn’t a home cleaning tip, but it’ll help keep your home clean. When your pets get muddy, wet, or dirty from going in and out, it’s a good idea to wash them. Giving them frequent baths (or bathing them immediately after they get muddy, wet, dusty, or snowy, etc.) will cut down on the amount of dirt they’re bringing in.

A good rule of thumb is to immediately clean outdoor and indoor pets any time they get dirty and to clean up whatever they track in immediately. This prevents it from being taken further into the home and from carpet and furniture being stained with dirt and mud.

We hope these ideas will give you a great springboard for cleaning habits to help keep your home cleaner with the presence of pets! Consistency in our cleaning and a thorough job will ensure our homes stay clean no matter what!

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