What Can I Do About Hard Water Stains?

Hard water stains are garish and unsightly. They’re an eyesore in an otherwise clean and lovely bathroom.

When you move into a new place (with or without hardwater), you’ll want to know how to prevent hardwater stains or you’ll want to get hardwater stains up. Hardwater is an obnoxious thorn in the flesh for our cleaning routine, especially when it comes to cleaning bathrooms.

But rather than avoid the topic and letting hardwater build up in our bathrooms, let’s get down to a few ways we can tackle it naturally!

What to Do About Hardwater?

Below are three tips to help you get started. It’s good to note, if you’re cleaning hardwater naturally, it may be impossible to get up all hard water stains. But we can still try our best.

*Scrub with Baking Soda (and a lot of elbow grease!): when cleaning naturally, it’s hard to find methods that “work” and make it easy for us to get hardwater up without resorting to harsh, harmful chemicals.

Baking soda is a gentle abrasive that can be used on tile and glass to try and work up hardwater. Use your go to, natural cleaner and baking soda to scrub the hardwater spots. When using natural cleaners, it’s really important to know they might not work as quickly (or as “effortlessly”) as chemicals. It doesn’t mean that they don’t work, but that it takes more strength and elbow grease to get build-up, dirt, and hardwater stains off.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing the wet, soda paste, be sure to rinse it off thoroughly so it doesn’t leave any residue.

If you find that the hardwater stains aren’t coming up with baking soda, research all natural cleaning pastes. There are many natural pastes that are designed to get up hardwater and hardwater without involving chemicals.

*Wipe Down the Shower With a Squeegee:

After every bath and shower, wipe down the tiles, tub, shower doors with a squeegee. This will go a long way in preventing hardwater stains from even occurring. The squeegee wipes of the water and prevents the water drying on the tile, glass, doors, and tub to create new stains.

*Scrub Regularly: alongside using a squeegee, it’s a good idea to regularly scrub the tiles, tub, and shower doors. If possible, try to scrub these down once a week. A thorough scrubbing (using lots of arm strength) will be an excellent way to keep hardwater stains from beginning to form or getting out of control.

This is great for keeping the hardwater stains minimal. If your all natural solution isn’t quite working enough to take the stains away completely, regularly scrubbing will at least keep it from becoming worse.

We hope these tips help you battle hardwater stains!

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