How to Clean the Stovetop Grating

We all want magical cleaning solutions for cleaning. We just assume there are hundreds and thousands of tips just waiting to be searched for and tried. Of course that’s true, but we like to make your cleaning experiences easier and give you some of the best cleaning tips out there. So what’s one of our “magical cleaning solutions”?

One of our favourite tips is cleaning the cast iron grating over your stovetop range! Stovetops come in all sorts of variations. There’s electric, gas, glass top, etc. Some gas ranges come with those nice cast iron grates on top. The more we use them, the more they get dirty and mucky. Soups, goops, and sauces spill over the side and then bake onto the grates. After a while, it can be really hard to clean off the greasy, icky mess. What’s one of the best, all-natural ways to clean a stove top like this?

List of Supplies

First, gather the supplies you’ll need for the job:

* a good scrubby

* baking soda

* an all natural cleaner

* access to the kitchen sink

* a few clean rags

How to Begin the Process

First, take all of the cast iron grates from the stovetop to the kitchen sink and place it inside the sink. This will make it easier to rinse away all of the gunk, crumbs, and baking soda.

Spray down the grates thoroughly with the all-natural cleaner, and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, sprinkle a little of the baking soda over the surface of the grates. Work up a paste from the cleaner and baking soda on the surface of the scrubby.  Use the gentle abrasive of the baking soda paste to begin scrubbing the surface of the grates. Begin scrubbing at one end of the grate to the other side, scrubbing every inch of the surface. If you need to, you can reapply the cleaner and add more baking soda. Use as much pressure as is needed to get the grates as clean as possible.

Continue scrubbing until it’s as clean as you can get it. How clean you can get them will vary, depending on how long some of the food has been baked onto the grates. Regularly scrubbing grates like this will get them fairly clean; but if the food has been baked on there for years, then it might be more difficult to get the build-up off.

Once you’re satisfied with your scrubbing efforts, thoroughly rinse off the cleaner, bits of food, and baking soda. Take your clean, dry rags and completely dry off the grates before returning them to their proper place on the stovetop. You can clean your stovetop grates like this about once a month to prevent build up.

We hope this makes it easy to keep your stovetop grates clean. And remember, as always: if you find yourself short of time to clean your home, Maid to Shine is a professional maid service, and we’d love to come and clean your home for you!

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