Clean Your Baby Toys Naturally

At Maid to Shine, it’s no secret that we’re all about natural, chemical free cleans!! It’s great for the environment, it’s great for your health, and it’s cost effective! It isn’t a hard, tough lifestyle to adopt either. In fact, it’s very easy applying this method of cleaning everywhere.

Take the chore of cleaning our baby’s toys, for instance. It’s important to clean up after those sweet munchkins, but how do we do it in a way that isn’t a huge time suck and is safe? Young kids are forever putting toys in their mouth. This is where using conventional cleaners with chemicals in them becomes a red flag: “what if my kid puts this toy I just cleaned in their mouth? Will they get a mouthful of chemicals?”

But what if you could clean your baby’s toys without chemicals? What if you could clean them in a way that gives you peace of mind? No germs and no chemicals?

Clean Your Baby Toys with Castile Soap

Obviously, we’re talking about cleaning plastic, rubber, or hard surface toys—toys that don’t have cloth on them or something else that water or liquid can ruin.

Castile soap is a great, all natural cleaner. It’s great for sanitising, surfaces, and cleaning up grime. It’s safe to handle. This makes it perfect for washing your kiddo’s toys in. There are multiple brands of castile soap. We recommend Dr. Bronner’s.

Remember, castile soap is concentrated. So, you always want to dilute it when making cleaning detergents.

To clean your baby’s (or toddler’s), fill a sink (or bathtub) with warm water. Put in a tablespoon of the castile soap if it’s a sink (two or three tablespoons if it’s a tub). Put the toys into the soapy water and let them soak. After they’ve soaked for a while, wipe them off with a clean rag. Be sure to get off any grime or dirt.

Leave them on a clean towel to dry.

It’s THAT simple. And you can clean your baby’s toys as often as needed in this way, without worrying about whether or not it’s safe for them. How great is that?

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