Cleaning with Microfiber

Every cleaning company in the book has their fair share of cleaning hacks, ticks, and nifty secrets to make it easier to clean. This week, we’ll take a look at microfiber cloths and the way they can help add a little extra polish when cleaning your home. Microfibers are versatile in they can be used in many different ways to clean your home. They can be used as dusting clothes, cleaning cloths, and polishing cloths.

Microfiber Cloths for Dusting

Microfiber clothes are perfect for dusting. Naturally, microfibers are statically charged. Thus, they attract all manners of dirt, pet hair, micro particles, and dust bunnies. Because they grab onto these dust particles and cling to them, it makes it the perfect dusting accessory.

Dusting with the microfiber cloth is simple. Merely fold the cloth neatly (since it might lose dust and particles if it is swinging and flinging every which way); with your hand on top, run the microfiber over the dusty surfaces, and pull off all of the dust. If you pull the dust off onto the floor, it might be helpful to vacuum after you’ve dusted.

Microfiber Cloths for Polishing

Microfibers “shine” their best when they’re used for polishing up things. Polishing up with a microfiber is a great last step. It shines up what you’ve just cleaned with a perfect brilliance. Granite counter tops, mirrors, shining surfaces, glass doors, glass walls in showers, etc. All of these items are perfect for polishing with the microfiber cloth. The soft fibers of the cloth pull out and buff any smears (or spots) that might have been accidentally left during the initial cleaning.

After taking care that you’ve cleaned the surface thoroughly and completely (so that the microfiber cloth doesn’t become grimy), take the microfiber, keeping it folded neatly, lay it flat on the surface and begin buffing and polishing the surface with firm pressure. Buffing in a circle is very helpful, and beginning from the back and working to the front (or from top to bottom) is an efficient way of cleaning too. It’s very little effort for an incredible amount of beautiful polish.

Using a microfiber to boost the polish and shine of your home takes minimal effort, but that effort can give your home a wonderful, professional clean look.

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