Deep Cleaning the Ceiling Fans

Cleaning ceiling fans effectively poses a cleaning quandary for us all. Finding an easy way for home owners and local cleaning services to efficiently clean in a timely manner. But, once you’ve hit upon the magic formula to clean ceiling fans well and quickly, cleaning them often will be a no brainer. Not only will your ceiling fans look cleaner, but it will help cut down on the dust circulating through your house and rooms.

Tools for the Deep Clean

At Maid to Shine, after the initial deep clean, we recommend dusting fans once a week. This keeps the dust and grime from building up on the fan blades again. It sounds like a lot of effort every week, but once you have the method down, it’s easy to keep the ceiling fans dust free.

Before you can regularly maintain dust free ceiling fans, however, we recommend home owners and professional house cleaners deep clean all of the ceiling fans. Gather the following supplies:

  • step ladder
  • degreasing cleaner
  • a dusting tool
  • rags

These supplies are for ceiling fans that you can reach standing on the step ladder. If you have ceiling fans that are unreachable with your step ladder, try to find an extension tool for your dusting tool. Even if you cannot reach the ceiling fan blades with your hands, an extension tool for your duster can still be used to pull the dust off of the fan.

Deep Cleaning the Fan Blades

Once you’ve assembled all of the cleaning supplies you need for this cleaning, safely climb onto your step ladder. Use your dusting implement to first knock the layers of dust off of the fan’s motor, and then work your way down to knock the dust off of each, individual fan blade.

After you’ve cleared the loose dust, degrease any grease and grime that might have built up on the fan blades. Simply spray your degreasing cleaner to the top of the fan blades, and use your rags to gently work up the grease and matted dust. Vacuum up any loose pieces of dust that might have fallen to the floor while wiping down the fan blades.

Deep cleaning the ceiling fans can be a handy tool in your cleaning routine. It can give your home a handy lift, and it cuts down on the amount of dust circulating in the air. You can even hire Maid to Shine to deep clean your ceiling fans for you! As a professional cleaning service, we’re thrilled to give you peace and do the cleaning for you—even deep clean things like your ceiling fans.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been looking up at my ceiling fan thinking about how dirty it is and dreading the day I will finally clean it. But now, I know how to do it without making more of a mess!

  2. nice and informative post. Its really helped me to clean my home ceiling fan. and also no dust put of on the floor surface. thank you for this valuable writing.

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