Deep Cleaning Your Interior Doors, Pt 1

Do you have dusty doors— with years of grime, dust, particles, and pollen collected in the little nooks and grooves? Dingy, grimy doorways can give an otherwise immaculately clean room a lackluster feel. With these cleaning hacks from Maid to Shine, you can take initiative and insure that your home feels as though a professional cleaning service has cleaned your doors!

Where to Begin

Start by looking over all of your interior doors and assessing how dirty, grimy, and dusty your doors are. Check to see whether the dirt is loose and just needs a quick dusting, or if they could use a good wipe down. This will determine how you should approach cleaning the doors.

If the dust is loose, then cleaning the door will be relatively easy. All you’ll need is a dusting tool of some sort. A lambswool duster is the perfect dusting tool we recommend for dusting your doors. It reaches the high points of the door, while the length of the duster covers a great deal of the door’s surface area. Place the duster on lower, left edge of the door frame, and pull the duster up. In the same motion, pull the duster across the top of the door frame and then down the right edge. Use firm and steady pressure to pull up any dust that might have collected on the frame. Dusting the frame should be one, fluid motion.

Next, holding your duster horizontally across the door, place the length of the duster across the door at the top. Pull down, firmly, to the middle of the door (near the doorknob). Repeat for the remaining section of the upper half of the door. To clean the lower half of the door (pointing the duster towards the floor) place the duster on the left of the door. Pull the duster (again, firmly) across the surface towards yourself. Repeat for the lowest part of the door. Just like that, in a few easy strokes, your door (and doorframe) is free of all the dust!

What About Doors with Built Up Grime?

But, what should you do if the dust on your interior doors isn’t loose enough to dust away? There are cleaning tricks for that, too! It takes a little more time, but the effort will leave your doors spotless! Next week, we’ll discuss the best methods for getting the grime off of your doors!

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