Deep Cleaning Your Interior Doors, Pt 2

Interiors doors are an easy fix to clean if the dust is loose, but what about the doors where the dust has hardened onto the door and it’s grimy—or even a little bit greasy? Doors with this amount of dirt are cleanable, but they definitely take a lot more attention and time to clean up. But giving your doors a professionally clean look will revamp them!

Gather Your Tools

Your cleaning process will be far more effective if you gather the proper cleaning tools before you begin. Wiping away the dust and grime from your interior doors requires more time than it does supplies, and to do the job properly, you only need the following:

  • a degreasing/cleaning agent safe for doors, wood, and paint
  • several clean rags
  • an old toothbrush
  • a small step ladder

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, head to the door you intend to clean!

Begin the Process

Spray down the door with your degreasing cleaning agent. We recommend cleaning agents that are safe for wooden or painted doors. We also recommend 100% green products so that they are safe for you and your family as well.

Once you’ve sprayed the door (from top to bottom), let it soak for just a moment or two so that the degreasing agent can begin loosening the grime. After the dirt has loosened, you can begin wiping down the door. Use the step ladder if you can’t comfortably reach the top of the door. Using one of the clean rags, wipe down the top most ledge of the door frame. Continue working your way down, wiping the door as you go. If you come to any tight crevices, you can use the old toothbrush to get into the groves and work up the grime there. Be sure to use however many rags are necessary. You can even use your cleaner to dampen the rags to help with the cleaning efforts.

Cleaning the door like this takes more time and effort. But dingy, dirty, and grimy doors will be pristine after a thorough wipe down such as this!

12 comments on “Deep Cleaning Your Interior Doors, Pt 2

  1. I was looking for this post to know and learn about cleaning the interior door, This is such a great post and easy to get the points about cleaning interiors door. Thank you for sharing such a great post.

  2. These are some extraordinary tips, and I am looking forward to coming across more. The one extra step I do is, I first wipe off the dust from the doors. And then I move forward to spray the all purpose cleaner. It really helps in cleaning unwanted dust and deribs. Just Can’t do without it

  3. I love these ideas, cleaning interior doors can make a big difference! I couldn’t believe how much grime I was able to remove from my doors from years of build up. Ew! But now it’s done and will always be part of my regular cleaning checklist!

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