When Dusting Isn’t Enough

Dusting, as a part of our regular cleaning habit, is a good practice, but dusting only maintains objects. It isn’t meant to deep clean, and day-to-day dusting doesn’t work up the dust that has settled down into the grooves and surface of your household items.

Sometimes, what’s needed is a good, deep and detailed cleaning. Hand wiping is a great way to deep clean your home when dusting just doesn’t cut it! It takes a great deal of self discipline, time, and effort to deep clean and hand wipe objects around your home. But getting that thin layer of built on grime off of your lamps, doors, cupboards, and knickknacks is a worthwhile effort!

Preparing for a Deep Clean

It’s very important to prepare and plan for a deep clean. Deep cleaning typically takes more time than  regular, routine cleanings. Make a list of all the items that need to be hand wiped and deep cleaned in your home. If you’re pressed for time, prioritise the list from most to least important, and then schedule and set aside enough time to actually deep clean.

It’s a good idea to also keep on hand the cleaning supplies you use as you deep clean. You’ll need the following:

  • multiple, clean rags
  • an all purpose cleaner (preferably all natural)
  • a scrubbie
  • microfibre

Go around to the places in your home that need the most attention. Use the cleaner to spray, thoroughly, the item you are deep cleaning. Let is soak for a little bit so that it’s easier to work up the grime and the dust. After you’ve let it soak for an appropriate amount of time, use one of the clean rags to begin wiping off the layers of dust and grime. You may need to use multiple rags, depending on the size of what you are cleaning and how much dirt it has gathered over time.  Once you’ve finished wiping off all of the dirt, consider using a microfibre to polish up the piece and snag any remaining bits of loose dirt.

For the stubborn spots you may come across, you can use the scrubbie to work up the dirt. Don’t scrub so hard, however, that you scratch up the surface beneath.

Continue wiping things down through the entire house. Depending on the amount of dirt and dust on the objects in your home, it might be a time consuming project. The important thing to remember is to keep with it. If you have to, you can even divide it up over the space of a few days, so that you don’t burn out while deep cleaning your home.

After this, your home and living spaces will be significantly cleaner. Cleaning isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon; and the time it takes to detail and scrub your home will leave you feeling satisfied.

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