Dusting out the Cobwebs

With spring finally in full swing, most of us are looking at our houses, wondering what we can do to insure our homes are as clean as possible. There are so many things beyond our regular cleaning routines that we can do to help our home stay cleaner. There are shelves, nooks, and objects we forget to clean. Cleaning these can improve the rooms we clean, and they give off a professional cleaning look.

Cobwebs are obnoxious eyesores that creep up in the corners and little used nooks of our home. They form when a spider has abandoned their home. Dust, lint, and other particles floating through the air become caught in the web and cling to the naturally sticky fibers. Cobwebs are distinct from spiderwebs since the later still have spiders using the webs.

Cleaning Out the Cobwebs

Routinely checking around a house, searching for cobwebs is an important cleaning habit. We don’t always notice when cobwebs creep up, but creep up they do. And you’ll only need a few tools for the job:

  • a duster
  • a step ladder
  • an extension tool for your duster (optional)

It is incredibly helpful to have an extension tool for your duster when you want to dust away any cobwebs or other high up places. If you don’t have this, a step ladder that lets you reach the highest parts of the house with your duster will work, too.

Where to Look for Cobwebs

Knowing where to look for cobwebs is just as important as having the right tools. Cobwebs typically aren’t hiding in the most obvious of places. Search for cobwebs up high, in the corners of rooms, around ceiling fans, light fixtures, along where the wall meets the ceiling, etc. Look in nooks that are rarely disturbed, in the corners of rooms, behind furniture, and places where clutter is stored.

Meticulously check each room for cobwebs in these critical areas, bringing your duster and step ladder along with you. Check the entire room by starting at the entrance, and moving to the right. This helps you go over every inch of the room so that you don’t miss any cobwebs. Work your way around the room back to your original starting point. Don’t forget to check any light fixtures or ceiling fans in the middle of the room. Dust away the cobwebs as you come across them. Use your step ladder or extension tool whenever you come across cobwebs that are too high for you to reach on your own.

If you’d rather not deal with the cobwebs, you can hire professional home cleaners to deal with the cobwebs for you. Local maid services, such as Maid to Shine, are happy to come help with your regular home cleanings and the cobwebs!

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