Finding Satisfaction from Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning isn’t just a practical chore we carry out (or hire out). It’s something that we can find great satisfaction in. It doesn’t have to be a source of stress or misery; instead, we can see the positive outcomes that comes from cleaning and find satisfaction in that.

What are some other ways we can find satisfaction from our cleaning routine? It’s easy to clean a home and see a job well done. That alone can give us a huge sense of satisfaction. Let’s take a look at some of the other ways cleaning satisfies us.

The Ways Cleaning Can be Satisfactory

*Cleaning reduces stress: it is mindless work—mindless in that you can wash dishes, vacuum, and scrub the tub without concentrating too hard. You only have to check to see that the job is well done. This mindlessness can make cleaning calming work. You can plug in your favourite podcast or Spotify playlist and lose yourself while you clean. If you approach cleaning in this way makes it a stress reliever.

*It’s a mood booster: there are a million reasons why cleaning can boost our mood. Some of these reasons may vary individual to individual, but one of the many ways it can boost one’s mood is the satisfaction of seeing the results of our work. We saw what our home looked like before, and seeing the final results can be incredibly heartening. Even if it’s just organising a small, personal space like a desk, wiping out the fridge, or cleaning the entire house: it’s something accomplished. It’s one task ticked off of the checklist.

*Cleaning improves one’s productivity: once you’ve finished one task, you already feel the high from accomplishing that task. And once one task is finished, we feel ready to take on the next one. We can use this sense of satisfaction to create a habit of productivity. Cleaning can be an easy task to accomplish, and we can take that sense of accomplishment over into other areas of productivity in our day to day lives.

*It gets our body moving: while it’s not a full on workout, cleaning does get our bodies moving, blood flowing, and helps us keep active. Being active throughout the day is a vital part to a healthy, daily routine. Actual exercise can be energising and satisfactory. Getting up and moving your body while you clean can be another great means of finding joy in your cleaning routine!

While there’s sure to be other ways to find satisfaction from cleaning your home, these are just a few of our favourites. Did we miss one that you think is really important? Be sure to share it in the comments! Don’t have time to clean your home yourself? No problem! Be sure to call our Maid to Shine offices to inquire about the cleaning services we offer!

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