Five Habits to Keeping a Tidy Home

There are days where we recognise there is only so much cleaning we can actually do. We can clean our house from top to bottom, thoroughly, but we still feel as if it’s not enough—but what more can we do?

A home can be perfectly clean, and yet be highly unorganised. The two are not inherently the same. A kitchen can be immaculately clean but cluttered and unorganised. Organisation is rather like the very last, final touch. It’s the icing on the cake.

The Benefits of Organisation

Before we delve into the specs of what we can do to keep a more organised home, it might be helpful to point out the actual benefits of keeping our spaces organised.

Less Anxiety:

Having an organised space can cause less anxiety. A disorganised, cluttered space might not seem like a culprit to cause anxiety, but decluttering and keeping your home organised can give your mind a sense of peace!

Smoother Work Flow:

Organisation can also do wonders for your work flow around the house! When things are organised, everything has its place: you’re mentally relaxed. You can complete a project with gusto!

The Habits of a Tidy Home

So, the ultimate question everyone is asking now: what are the magical habits that improve your home and help keep it tidy?

Making the Bed Every Morning:

While it might be the most important chore, it certainly helps direct the mindset you have for your home! The second you’re up for the day, make the bed. It’s a very little thing, but it can help you with the right mindset for accomplishing tasks.

Don’t Procrastinate Your Chores:

When there are chores and errands to do, or things to tidy up—don’t procrastinate. Put things away, clean up the house, and do what needs done in a timely fashion. This prevents chores from building up and becoming overwhelming later on.

Wash the Dishes—Sooner, Rather than Later:

When the dishes need doing, do them! Don’t wait to clean them and put them away until they’ve piled high in the sink. Tackle the task—or enlist one of your kids’ help—and get them done! It only takes a few minutes to do a few, and it leaves you knowing that your kitchen has been taken care of!

Stop Tossing Towels & Clothes on the Floor:

It’s a huge temptation to just throw the towels or clothes on the floor, especially when we’re in a rush. But it takes just a few extra moments to fold the towels onto the towel racks, and put the dirty clothes in the hamper.

Don’t Allow Clutter to Accumulate:

And we’ve saved the best for last! Put things away immediately, throw away the trash, and keep your spaces organised as you go. In the long run, it actually takes more time to organised a cluttered space than it does to put something away when we’re finished with it. The better that we are with putting things away after their use, the less time we’ll spend decluttering.

There are more habits that help keep our homes tidy, but these habits can apply to all areas of our life and housekeeping! The simplest thing to keep in mind is being diligent in staying organised.

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