Handrail Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever noticed the build-up of grime and gunk on your handrails? After consistent use and being touched daily, the oils, dead skin cells, and other dirt from our hands can give the handrails a dingy, dirty look. It’s possible that we don’t notice the state of our handrails, either—that is, not until our attention is drawn to it.

Even the handrails in our homes need a good wipe down to get build up off. It gives our handrails a fresh, clean look; and if our stairs have a lot of foot traffic, it’s even nice to sanitise the handrails.

Handrails are certainly one of those objects in our home that go uncleaned and unnoticed until our attention is brought to it, and then it’s easy to see that handrails need so much attention and cleaning, too. It’s so simple a cleaning chore that even young kids can help out!

If you decide to tackle the task of cleaning your own handrails, you’ll just need a few clean rags and a good all surface cleaner—just make sure that your all surface cleaner is appropriate for painted or wooden surfaces. Some cleaners don’t clean painted surfaces as well, and some are made to enhance wood.

Cleaning the handrails is incredibly simple. Just spray the surface (letting it soak a little if there’s a thick layer of dirt to be wiped up), and take a clean rag to wipe it down. Work from one side of the handrail to the other. Use just enough strength to work up the grime. If your cleaner has been soaking on the surface for a few minutes, this shouldn’t be too hard. Just be sure to get into the grooves and not to miss any patches of dirt. Wiping down the handrails for the first time should take no more than five minutes.

Then, it’s easy to sanitise your handrails in your home on a weekly basis…! It will take even less time than it did to wipe them down the first time. To sanitise your handrails, dampen a clean rag with your cleaner, and then walk up (or down the stairs) running the rag firmly over the surface of the handrail.

Every home is unique. Maybe your home has a lot of handrails, maybe it only has one. Either way, hand-wiping and sanitizing is a nifty little trick to keep your home looking perky and clean!

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