Handy Sanitizing Tips, Pt 1

We can never be too careful when it comes to keeping our homes clean. Even when we have an actual maid service coming to our homes, there are things that we can do to make our homes cleaner. Keeping a clean home has many benefits, including sanitation. Sanitizing our home and everything inside our home is incredibly important. It stops germs, bacteria, and viruses in their tracks and gives our families a clean environment to thrive in. Sanitizing our homes, though, might require a little bit of extra effort on our parts. Whether or not you have the best cleaning service coming to your home, these cleaning tips can bolster your cleaning efforts.

The Benefits of Sanitizing Light Switch Plates

One, vital key area that might get overlooked in the hustle of cleaning are light switches. We don’t often think of this area when we’re cleaning our home, but wiping down and getting germs off of light switches is important to our sanitation efforts. Light switches get used, touched, fingered, etc. every day. Our germs (and the germs of others) get transferred there, fester there, waiting until the next person comes along to turn the light on (or off) and pick up the germs there.

Something that is touched that often, that frequently, and by so many different people every day should be taken seriously when it comes to keeping a clean home.

Great Methods for Sanitizing Light Switch Plates

If this is the first time you’re taking the time to clean your light switches, get down deep! Take an old, unused toothbrush and grab your favorite cleaner. At Maid to Shine like to use (and recommend) 100% green cleaners (they’re excellent for your health and safety!). Spritz the outside of the plate so that it’s soaking nicely (but not drenched), and then take the toothbrush and get into those grooves right around the switch. Dirt and grime build up over the years in this little crevice, and scrubbing it out can give your light switches new life.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing out the extra build up out of the crevice, use a clean rag to wipe down the light switch and the plate around it. Do this with all of the light switches in your home. After their first scrubbing, you’ll only need to wipe them down during your routine cleanings. There won’t be a need to scrub the crevices with a toothbrush afterwards; but quickly sanitizing them will go a long way in keeping your home cleaner and more sanitary.

In the hurry of life, keep your home as clean as if the professional cleaners came to clean your home! With a few, easy adjustments you can keep your home even cleaner with these easy sanitizing methods!

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