Handy Sanitizing Tips, Pt 2

It might feel as though sanitizing, disinfecting, and keeping our homes clean to combat viruses and bacteria seems more important than ever. Last week, we took a look at the ways sanitizing our light switch plates is a small step in keeping our homes cleaner. This week, we’ll look further into sanitizing things we mightn’t always think to sanitize and how sanitizing helps protect our families.

Light switch plates aren’t the only thing that can benefit your home when you sanitize them regularly. There are a multitude of other objects in the home that should be sanitized frequently to help eliminate bacteria, germs, etc. from your home. This list is by no means extensive, but hopefully it can be a stepping stone to thinking in terms of sanitizing your home and fighting against unseen pathogens and viruses.

What Should I Be Sanitizing?

Even the cleanest homes have things that could benefit from regular sanitizing. This is simply because there are objects in our home that we all touch regularly, without realizing the bacteria or pathogens that might be collecting there.

Whatever you and your family handle the most, without even realizing it, are the things you should be sanitizing the most frequently. This could include all types of remotes; door knobs; cabinet handles; handles on microwaves, refrigerators, and ovens; knobs and switches on kitchen appliances; keyboards; phones; frequently used, hand held electronics; vacuum handles; broom handles, etc.

The list could go on, and it is no by exhaustive. Each house is unique, and there might be things you think of in your home that need to be sanitized from regular use. Sanitizing is a helpful tool, to both cleaning companies and home owners alike, to have in their cleaning arsenal! By sanitizing your home frequently and regularly, you’re keeping your home that much cleaner.

10 comments on “Handy Sanitizing Tips, Pt 2

  1. This is a very nice guide on sanitation. The tips you have given are very helpful. You can sanitize door knobs, vacuum cleaners but I couldn’t find any way to sanitize a laptop. Can you give me some tips for easy and safe sanitation of a laptop? Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. I totally agree that cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting our homes will always be important to fight COVID-19. My neighbor had the flu last week and we’re afraid that we might have interacted with him while he has the virus. It would be better to have the entire house disinfected while we isolate ourselves in the meantime.

  3. This is an extraordinarily nice helper on sterilization. The tips you have given are very helpful. You can sanitize entryway handles, vacuum cleaners anyway I couldn’t find some strategy for cleaning a PC. Might you anytime give me a couple of clues for basic and safe sterilization of a PC?

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