Help Your Kids Clean Their Rooms

What should you do when you’re ready for your kids to begin cleaning their rooms? How do you teach them? What should you teach them? And is it even worth the fuss and bother? A child cleaning their room might not seem like a really big deal (at first), but there are endless perks.

Below we have a few quick tips to help you teach your kids about cleaning their rooms.

How to Teach Them to Keep Their Rooms Tidy

*Thoroughly teach them how to clean their rooms: if you want your kids to successfully clean their room, it’s important that they know how. It’s not enough to just tell them to go off and clean their room. Kids need to know how to clean; and showing them how will give them the foundation for success they need for cleaning.

*Tell your kids your expectations: let kids know how often you expect them to clean their rooms and that they should know how to clean their rooms (effectively) even while you aren’t watching them. Give them a standard of cleanliness and a timeline for when you would like it to be finished

*Don’t do the work for them: other than showing them how to clean, they should be able to clean their rooms by themselves… without help from us. This is a good expectation to have. It teaches kids responsibility for the messes they create in their rooms, and it shows them that they help keep the house clean—just like mom and dad. Kids are the ones making the messes in their room when they play with toys, do arts, crafts, Legos, etc. Cleaning up after themselves

What Other Benefits Come from Kids Cleaning Their Rooms?

It’ll save you time every day, and it also teaches kids to complete projects. It gives them structure, and how to organise their time to finish tasks on their “to do” list. It shows them they can’t make a mess and expect others to clean it for them, along with showing them that cleaning is important.

Most importantly, it teaches kids about responsibility. Responsibility is a great building block for kids to succeed and thrive in life, and being responsible for cleaning their rooms. It teaches them to get things done in a timely manner.

Cleaning rooms are, it is true, a very small area of responsibility when one looks at the big picture; but for very young kids, it is the perfect place to begin.

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