Helpful Habits for a Cleaner Home, Pt 1

Our habits define us, and they shape every aspect of our lives, even the conditions of our home. We all are habitual beings by nature, and forming good cleaning and organizing habits (whether or not we hire a professional maid service) goes a long way in improving our lives. It takes just a little bit of self-discipline to form these habits.

To start us off, it might be helpful to look at the definition of a habit. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a habit as “a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior”. Everything we do is a habit of some sort, and the way we approach the condition of our home is no different. While it is true that we might have the best maid service around coming regularly to clean our homes, there are those in-between times when our home needs a little TLC. And if we form the right cleaning (and organizing) habits and stick with them, then it will go a long way in creating cleaner homes for ourselves. It can even be beneficial in aiding your local maid service clean your home even more!

Go the Distance

What do these cleaning habits look like, and where should one begin? Whether you’re already an ace, excelling in helpful habits, or you’re beginning from scratch and building a new foundation for these habits, these tidbits are helpful for anyone. Good cleaning habits begin with a commitment to go the distance. It’s hard to keep up good cleaning habits if we have no real intentions to see them through; sometimes it’s even our organizational habits that make a cleaner home. Work on any helpful habit until they become natural and involuntary: in the long run, they make for a cleaner home.

Begin Your Day with Good Habits

In the rush, hustle and bustle, and hurry of life, sometimes it’s easier to get out of bed and neglect things until we can come back to them when it’s “not as busy”. Begin your day by taking care of these little things in their proper time. Make the bed the second you wake up. Put the coffee pot away as soon as you’re finished with it. Put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, instead of letting them pile up in the sink. It takes only a few extra seconds (or minutes) to finish little tasks such as these.

Even if you have the best maid service and regular home cleanings, it’s still helpful to form daily habits that can help keep your home organized and clean. Even the best cleaning service will be the better if they house they clean is better organized and cleaner when they come to perform their services. And these tips are just the start. Next week, we’ll continue discussing good habits for a cleaner home!

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