Why Hire Maid to Shine for Your Holiday Cleanings?

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner once again, and for many of us, the never-ending to-do list is growing exponentially. No matter what our holiday plans look like this year, there’s no doubt that we all need to keep our homes clean. But with all of the shopping, baking, preparing, and extra errands to do, why not cut out a large portion of the stress and hire professional cleaners to clean your home for you? Hiring Maid to Shine to clean your home for the holidays is the perfect way to save you time and stress. But the benefits of hiring us don’t stop there!

We’re Dedicated to Leaving You Peace this Holiday Season!

Our goal at Maid to Shine is to leave all of our clients with peace. What does this mean? It means, that no matter what your personal reasons for hiring us and asking us to clean, we’re dedicated to leaving you peace by cleaning your home. After we’ve finished cleaning your home, we hope you can enter in and breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe its peace knowing you no longer have to worry about whether or not your home will be clean enough in time for the holiday bustle? Or maybe it’s the fact that Maid to Shine tailors each of our residential cleanings to fit your home?

Our Cleaning Techs are Trained and Trusted Professional Cleaners

When you hire Maid to Shine to clean your home, you aren’t just hiring someone to randomly clean your home in a slap-dash manner. You’re hiring professional cleaning techs who have been trained to clean your home professionally, and they’ve been trained with rigorous dedication and love!

We Use Only All-Natural Products

You won’t have to worry that our cleaning techs might be bringing harmful, harsh chemicals into your home. Maid to Shine is dedicated to using 100% green, effective products: you get the same, sanitary cleaning that chemical cleaners leave without the harmful effects that come from having chemicals used in your home.

Our Cleanings Will Give You Time to Finish Your Holiday To-do List

By hiring Maid to Shine, you’re not only buying peace of mind, but you are buying yourself more time to attend to your holiday list and errands. Having professionals clean your home, from top to bottom, will only make it easier for you to get to other things, plus you’ll feel more rested and energised while you tick off tasks from your list.

We Can Deep Clean Your Home

If you’re thinking about hiring Maid to Shine to do your holiday cleaning, also consider that we can deep clean your home while we’re at it! Didn’t have time to do your regular spring and fall cleaning this year? No worries, Maid to Shine offers services to give you the best deep clean. We call these our Deluxe Cleanings. We reach up to eight feet and we handwipe baseboards, fan blades, furniture, etc.— and that’s only the beginning. It’s a highly detailed clean that will leave your home in pristine condition!

If you’re short on time this year as the holidays come around, give Maid to Shine a call and schedule your holiday home cleaning!

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