How to Clean Your Toilets

Do you ever wonder how the professional cleaners (such as Maid to Shine) do it? How do cleaners, maids, and cleaning techs get something gross like a toilet so clean? What are their nifty little tricks? What are their secrets? If you’d like to have your toilets as shiny as the best maid services around town get them, then these helpful toilet cleaning tips are for you!

How do we, at Maid to Shine, like to clean our toilets? We’d love to show you! Just like the past articles have stated, we always clean from top to bottom. Every step of cleaning any part of your home benefits from working from top to bottom.

  1. As a first step, spray the toilet hinges with your go to cleaner. Letting them soak while you clean other parts of the toilet is helpful since it can loosen up any grime in this very tight area.
  2. While your toilet hinges are soaking in the cleaner, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda into the bowl. Take your toilet scrubber, and scrub the inside of the basin until it’s clean. Flush to rinse the baking soda and debris away.
  3. Spray down your toilet (from top to bottom, all of the layers: including the toilet hinges, lid, seat, lip of the bowl, underside of the bowl, the toilet support, and the floor space immediately around the toilet) with the same cleaner that you used on the hinges.
  4. Once you’ve done all of this, wipe down (again from top to bottom) the entire toilet. Start with the top-most part of the tank, wiping it down thoroughly and getting all the dust, debris, and grime off that you can. Work your way down the sides and front of the tank, continuing to pull and wipe everything off.
  5. To clean the hinges, take one layer of the rag you’re using, wrapping it around your index finger, and use it to get into the tight edges of the hinges. Be sure to soak up all of the cleaner that might be sitting there.
  6. Continue by cleaning the layers of the toilet lid, and work your way down to the bottom bowl of the toilet. Get the stem of the toilet and the lower bottom crevices. Wipe everything off, and use as many rags as it takes. Once one is too grimy or wet to use, grab another.
  7. Once you’ve wiped down the entire toilet, wipe down the baseboards and the section of floor immediately around the toilet.

Following these steps routinely and regularly is a great first step towards having immaculately clean toilets! You’ll be cleaning your toilets just like the local maid services around, so kick back and relax with the toilets as clean as the best house cleaners around can get them.

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