How To Prepare Your Home For A Party or Guests

When you host a party in your home, you realize there’s more to hosting a party than just providing great food and drinks. A lot more! While you’re busy organizing menus and guests, your home may need professional house cleaning and staging to create a great first impression. Don’t forget to keep these tips in mind when preparing your home for your next party.

Create A Great First Impression

Walk through your front door and pretend like you’re seeing your home for the first time. Is the entryway clean and inviting? Does it welcome guests into your home? Does anything look out of place?

Make a great first impression the moment your guests walk in the door by starting with your entryway first. Clean the floors and surrounding areas, hide or organize shoes, purses, and coats and make the area clutter-free.

Declutter and Stage Your Home

After you’ve cleaned and decluttered your entryway, walk around the rest of your home with fresh eyes. Remove unnecessary piles of paper, belongings, or items that interrupt a comfortable, inviting vibe. Clear areas for extra seating and create room on surfaces for guests to place their food or drinks as a party moves from one room to the next. Place coasters throughout to protect your furniture from watermarks.

Deep Clean The Party Areas

The rooms where the party will take place should be deep cleaned to remove dirt and dust. House parties often move from one room to the next so deep cleaning is needed in multiple rooms. Make sure the living and dining rooms, kitchen, and, of course, the bathrooms receive a good scrubbing.

Make your home shine by hiring professional house cleaning services to deep clean your home. Focus on the important details of party planning and save time by hiring professionals to do the cleaning.

Plan The Perfect Theme and Menu

When your home is cleaned by professional house cleaners, you’ll have more time to plan the perfect menu and theme for your guests. Whether you’re hosting a classy affair or a relaxed evening, plan a dinner theme to tantalize your guests with an evening they won’t forget. Create a vibe to match the theme by choosing unique food and drinks. Add to the atmosphere with candlelight, fresh flowers, themed table décor, music, and personal touches.

Make your next house party a success by taking a step back and viewing your home with fresh eyes. Declutter your home and use professional house cleaning to deep clean high trafficked areas in your home.

At Maid to Shine, we offer maintenance and deep cleaning services to polish your house until it shines. Focus on the important details of party planning and entertaining your guests while we tackle the dirty work. Schedule an appointment today to deep clean your house in time for your next party.

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