Introducing Electrostatic Fogging

Maid to Shine is offering a brand-new service: Electrostatic Fogging.

Electrostatic Fogging is a professional level service, used to disinfect airlines, schools, and government buildings. It is a powerful cleaning tool that can be used to effectively fight against COVID-19. At Maid to Shine, we are excited to offer this new, effective cleaning service. Along with our residential home cleaning services, Electro Fogging is a safe, natural, and effective way to help disinfect your home in a matter of minutes. As the first residential cleaning company in Colorado to offer this EPA and WHO approved service, we would like to share a little more about Electrostatic Fogging with you.

Electrostatic Fogging is a separate service from Maid to Shine’s regular house cleaning services. It can be added alongside a scheduled cleaning, or it can be booked separately without a cleaning.

An All Natural, Safe Solution
Our electro fogging machines use an all-natural solution that is safe for your family, your pets, and your home, and it is certified to kill the coronavirus. Not only is it safe and effective in fighting the coronavirus, but it is also helpful in eliminating:

  • germs
  • odors
  • allergens

It is also non-caustic, fragrance free, and it leaves no visible residue after it has been applied. Our solution is pH balanced, which means that it isn’t harsh on surfaces.  When coupled with our cleaning solutions, 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and the coronavirus are eradicated in a matter of minutes. The solution is safe immediately while it is being applied. This means it’s safe Maid to Shine cleaning techs to apply, and you won’t have to wait to come back into your home after it’s been fogged, in fact, you can be inside your home while the service is being performed.

What is Electrostatic Fogging?

The Electrostatic Fogging, when used with our EPA approved solution, most bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus, are destroyed in minutes. The solution droplets pass through an electro inside of the machine’s nozzle. This then creates a magnetically charged spray that seeps out of the machine and wraps around all touch points in grounded room surfaces. When a Maid to Shine cleaning tech comes to fog your home, our machines give your home 360 degree coverage. This means that when your home is serviced, one side of an object is sprayed, and the cleaning prowess of the fogger extends completely around it.

It takes roughly 30 minutes to fog 2000 square feet. Surfaces that were cleaned by Maid to Shine right before the fogging will not need to be wiped down again since it dries within minutes.

Where Can Maid to Shine Perform This Service?

As a safe and ethical way to fight against COVID-19, other viruses, and bacteria, Maid to Shine’s Electrostatic Fogging service is suited for residential homes, churches, office buildings, and so much more. As we continue to fight against COVID-19, Maid to Shine’s new service offers a resilient, natural, and safe alternative for eradicating harmful pathogens in your home.

If you’re interested in our new Electrostatic Fogging service, you can book your sanitizing session here, or call us at 719-640-3276. We look forward to keeping you, your family, and your home clean and healthy!

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