A To-Do List for Wiping Down Baby Furniture

When bringing a new baby home, there are millions of things on our mind. And when it’s our first baby, all the things we are learning for the first time might be overwhelming. We’re learning how to take care of a baby, nurture them, bathe them, feed them, etc.

Keeping the baby furniture in the nursery (and around the house) is an important part of caring for a baby. And we’re here to make sure that you have some of the best tips to make cleaning for baby as easy as possible.

This week, we’ll look at what should be wiped down and how often we wipe it down. We’ll take professional cleaning methods that our cleaning techs at Maid to Shine use, and apply them to our advice for cleaning your nursery!

What to Wipe Down

What should you wipe down? The easiest answer is anything that you touch frequently or is used on the daily. A generic answer would include things such as cribs, changing tables, high chairs, strollers, baby toys, etc. You might even include door handles and light switches!

Every list will be subjective to your life style. Be sure to think about your day to day routine. What do you use every day or frequently enough that it often needs wiped down? What are your cleaning needs? Personalise this list to suit your baby’s needs.

How Often to Wipe it Down

Things should be wiped down often enough that we’re not exposing our baby to harmful bacteria, but it doesn’t mean everything has to be wiped down every time. What we wipe down and how often we wipe it down doesn’t need to be an obsessive habit, and we shouldn’t spend our days overthinking it or worrying about what needs to be wiped down. Balance is key.

Cribs only need to be wiped down once every two weeks or so. High chairs can be wiped down after each use.Things like changing tables are very important to clean frequently. Once our baby begins putting things in their mouth (crib rails, toys, handles, etc.) changes how often we might clean some of these things, too.

Use discernment. Those ideas are general and there are always exceptions to the rule. You might need to wipe down your baby furniture more or less frequently than what we suggest!

We hope these tips are helpful, and give your sweet bundle of joy a clean nursery (and home) to thrive in!

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  1. Michelle really gives cool idea and guide on how to wipe down baby furniture! As this is my first baby, I was unaware about most of this. Thanks a lot!

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