Living a Mess Free Life

Do you need tips for living a mess free life style? How do you transform your messy home (and life style) from chaotic, messy, and disorganised to completely mess free?

Here’s a few ideas to help you get started. These tips can not only change the look of your home, but they are intended to help you form good habits that will keep your home looking clean for more than just a few days. Implementing these tips will transform your day to day life.

3 Habits to Help You Live Your Best, Mess Free Life

* Stay Organised: organisation is key to a mess free life. But organisation is more than just the appearance and arrangement of items in our home or living spaces. It’s also a mindset, a way of thinking, and the way we approach our work.

Being organised in every aspect of how we live, clean, and set up our daily routines helps us live a mess free life. Don’t limit your thinking to “I must simply keep my processions organised”. Learn to live in an organised manner. This is anything from how you put away your things when you get up from work, how you create a cleaning routine for yourself, etc. Even the way you clean is important! Cleaning in a chaotic manner can add to an already cluttered lifestyle.

* Stay Committed: be committed to living a mess free life. Living mess free doesn’t happen spontaneously. It happens when we are committed to keeping our lives, homes, habits, and possessions organised.

* Stay Intentional: it’s important that we are intentional to keeping our habits and spaces organised. This isn’t exactly the same as being “committed”. Intentionality is thinking about how we are cleaning, organising; it is critically thinking and trouble shooting methods that do or do not work—trying to think up better, more efficient methods of cleaning. You’ll always be trying to find ways to improve your methods, how you clean, or what you can do to live your most, best mess free life.

Living mess free is simple. Change the way you think. Change your habits. Stay committed to living mess free. If you have a continually busy schedule or find cleaning difficult, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Hiring a professional cleaning service (such as Maid to Shine!) can help you live a mess free life. Continually cleaning your home (or having it done by the professional cleaners) is a wonderful beginning to this mess free journey.

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