Natural Cleaning Hacks for the Oven

Do you need tips for cleaning up your grungy oven? Ovens are a tough chore to tackle. It can be overwhelming since it’s such a large job. Not only is it a big item to clean, it’s very involved and can take a longer amount of time to complete. With all these elements combined, it’s no wonder we might dread and put off cleaning the insides of our ovens.

Maid to Shine has a few professional tips that our cleaning tips use, and the best part is that it’s done without harsh, harmful chemicals!

What You’ll Need

* an all-natural cleaning abrasive that (one that won’t scratch your oven but is tough enough for getting up those tough spots that have been baked on).

* a new, hardy scrubbing pad.

*an all-natural cleaning spray.

*multiple, clean rags to wipe out the oven.

Getting Ready

Before you begin scrubbing out your oven, run the self cleaning option (if it has it). Run it 24 hours before you intend to scrub it so that it is absolutely, perfectly cool to the touch when you scrub it out.

This is a great first step. Sometimes it cleans hot enough to burn off all of the baked on residue (leaving only ash). If this is the case, once it has cooled completely, all you have to do is wipe the ash out with a clean cloth.

Some ovens, however, have enough build up that it will need to be scrubbed as well. If you find your oven needs more than the oven self cleaning, these next few steps are for you!

Getting it Done

Once your oven is completely cool, then it’s time to scrub it out. Spray down the spots that are still baked on, and pull out a little of the all natural cleaning paste in your scrubbing pad. Use this paste and a lot of arm strength to scrub these tough spots clean. Use as much paste as you need: but a little goes a long way. Depending on how large or hardened the spots are, it might take a while to get them up, and there are some spots that may never come off.

Once you’ve scrubbed away all of the spots, use your clean rags to wipe the oven clean and dry. Pull out all of the crumbs, ash, debris left behind. Be sure to be very particular in wiping out all of the cleaning paste off so that it doesn’t leave a residue.

Pro Tip: if your oven was very grungy and you needed to use more cleaning paste, it might be difficult to wipe the cleaning paste residue off. If this is the case, dampen the residue with a quick sprits across all of the residue left. Use your cleanest and driest rags to wipe the residue away. Repeat until this is finished.

We hope these cleaning tips are helpful to you and your quest to clean your home safely and naturally!

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