Natural Cleaning Tips for Baby Gear, Pt 2

We’ve started delving into the multi-faceted world of cleaning baby gear. We began exploring this topic by asking ourselves “what we should use to clean our baby’s gear?”

It’s important to clean baby gear safely: and that includes cleaning in a way that effectively sanitizes and disinfects these items without using harsh, harmful chemicals. Natural cleaners can be an effective, great way to tackle the germs that collect on baby toys, gear, and furniture; and it’s also safe for our baby’s health!

Another important topic: how many times a day, week, and month should I clean my baby’s things?

How Often Should I Clean my Baby’s Toys, Highchair, and Changing Table?

The number of times these things should be cleaned is evaluated item by item.  How often are these items being used by your baby? And what level of use is it seeing?

If your baby is gumming their toys on the daily, then those should be cleaned often (perhaps once a week). Toys that are just handled and don’t go into the baby’s mouth won’t need as much cleaning as toys that are chewed on. A high chair should be sanitized and wiped down after every use. Baby furniture such as cribs can be wiped about once a month. Changing tables should be wiped down once or twice a week (more if needed).

Keep in mind, these are just general rules. Determine whether your baby’s gear, toys, and furniture need more cleaning than just the routine. How often are they being handled by your baby or other children? Does your baby stick their toys in their mouth frequently? These are all factors that will determine how often you actually need to clean your baby’s toys. A baby that isn’t constantly putting their toys in their mouths might not need their toys cleaned as often if they’re just handling those toys.

This is just the start. Think about other things around your home that you use for your baby. How often should you clean them? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Make a list, and begin your own baby cleaning routine.

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