Need a Move Out Cleaner in Colorado Springs? How to Plan for Move Out Cleaning

Are you moving soon? Amongst the hustle and bustle of packing, organizing, and moving, you can’t forget the all-important task of cleaning your home so it’s shiny and clean for the new occupants. Whether you hire a move out cleaner in Colorado Springs or take on the task yourself, there are a few important things you should know for proper planning.

Know Your Deadlines

Sometimes this can be difficult when home sale timelines have a mind of their own. The more you can plan ahead for moving and cleaning the better. Know the dates of when the new owners are moving in, when to have your stuff packed and moved, and when you should clean or schedule a move out cleaner in Colorado Springs to tackle the dirty work. By knowing your deadlines and scheduling in advance, planning ahead helps reduce stress and anxiety related to moving.

Remove All of Your Belongings

Before going to task on cleaning your home, pack and remove all of your belongings before you start. Cleaning will be easier when your home is completely clear and moved out.

Scrub the Inside of Your Home

After a few years (or many years!) in your home, moving is the perfect time to give the home a deep, deep clean so it’s fresh for the new owners. Scrub showers, toilets, sinks, and floors. Dust baseboards, mantels, ceiling lamps or fans. Wash out and clean major appliances including the fridge, stove, built-in microwaves, etc. Vacuum and/or mop all floors, wipe down walls, wash out cupboards, disinfect door handles, wash windows, and clean the tracks in sliding glass doors. When you move, your home should have a detailed deep clean so it’s move-in ready.

Clean Out the Garage

Scrubbing the inside of your house is important, but don’t forget the garage and outdoor spaces as well. After you clean out your belongings, sweep the floors, dust shelving, double check attics or rafter space for stowaway items, remove any chemicals or motor oils, wipe down handles, and wash windows. Leave your garage just as clean and tidy as the rest of the home.

Schedule a Move Out Cleaner in Colorado Springs

Too busy to give your home the cleaning it deserves? Save yourself time and hassle by hiring a move out cleaner. They’ll tackle the deep and dirty work while you can focus on moving, unpacking, and enjoying your new home.

Don’t spend your evenings and weekends cleaning and scrubbing during a move. Contact us today to have a professional move out cleaner in Colorado Springs sent to your home.

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  1. sometimes I think we can put some trees inside the house to create an inviting feeling for the new occupant too. Thanks for your sharing!

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