Occupy Your Mind While Cleaning

One of the reasons we all seem to dread cleaning is that we think of it as drudgery. We dread it. It isn’t fun. Perhaps the biggest challenge isn’t doing it just to get it over with, but finding a way to make cleaning an enjoyable experience.

We can do this by finding ways to pleasantly occupy our mind while we clean our home.

Occupying Your Mind

There are so many different ways to do this! The most important thing to ask yourself is what helps you concentrate? Don’t occupy your mind with something that distracts you from really getting into your cleaning rhythm. Choose something that helps you tap into concentration. Something that can distract you from tideous work and help you focus on cleaning even more.

Studies have been shown that music helps us concentrate. By listening to music, we block out distracting noises. It stimulates our brains, and the rhythm even keeps our minds active. This makes the task engaging instead of boring.

Maybe for you, podcasts help you concentrate. Maybe it’s listening to something else. We’re all different, and our brains work differently. What works for one person might not work for you. It’s important to know what helps you concentrate on work. The following suggestions are just a few things that help others concentrate better on their cleaning.

Listening to something while cleaning is the most obvious solution. There may be other options for you, too; but this is what we’ll explore in today’s blog post.

*Music: probably the most obvious answer for occupying our brain while working is listening to music. It’s entertaining, pleasant, and can make time fly. It might get us grooving and energetic, which is great for cleaning!

*Podcasts: or perhaps you enjoy listening to politics, sermons, true crime, or any other array of podcast topics. Podcasts are the absolutely perfect for cleaning. If you’re a true podcast junkie, just driving around isn’t enough time for listening to them. Cleaning chores are a great opportunity for listening to our podcasts. You can get wrapped up in the topic of your podcast without it distracting you from your work.

*Leave on the TV: this could either be a huge distraction from the actual cleaning or a great motivation. You’ll have to decide how it works for you. If you have a favourite show, you can play it in the background to listen to while you clean, fold laundry, etc. Be sure that it’s a movie or show you’ve watched often and know what is happening already. Or, you can put on a documentary to “listen to” while you clean. If you like learning and documentaries, this can be a great time to learn while you clean!

But be honest and discerning. Do you get more or less work done while listening to the TV? If it helps your productivity, turn it on. If not, then find something else to help you concentrate on cleaning.

*Audiobooks: another popular choice for helping us concentrate on mundane work is audiobooks. Like podcasts, they entertain and engage our brains with information while we work on other things. You even have the option to listen to entertaining books or informative books!

We hope this helps you find some wonderful ways to keep your brain engaged while you clean!

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