Post Holiday Cleaning Tips to Get Your House Back in Order

Now that the holiday is over and the tornado of family and friends has blown through, it’s time to get your house back in order! Local cleaning services in Colorado Springs can offer an extra hand cleaning up messes and making your home spotless once again. When the family leaves after the holidays, here are a few areas of your home that need a little TLC.

Freshen Up Guest Rooms

Get your guest rooms ready for the next round by washing the sheets, fluffing pillows, dusting surfaces, wiping mirrors, and vacuuming the floors. These rooms will be tidy and ready for family or friends the next time someone is in town.

Give Your Dining Room Table Some Love

During the holidays, your table may see continual wear and tear including smudges or dirt amidst conversations, meals, and game nights. After a big holiday event, give your table some extra love by caring for the surface. Recondition and moisture wood tables for a clean, shiny finish.

Scour the Bathrooms

Your bathrooms have seen plenty of extra guests over the holidays. It’s time to refresh these areas and banish germs and dirt. Colorado Springs local cleaning services suggest giving your toilets and sink a good scrubbing and disinfecting around the toilet and counter tops. Sweep and mop the floor and refresh the hand towels. Remove soap scum or hard water stains from the shower or bathtub and wipe down the mirror for a sparkly shine.

Recycle What You Can

Holidays can create large trash piles and make trash days an overflowing menace. Recycle as much as you can from holiday dinner prep and events in your home. Reduce your footprint by sorting recyclable materials from your trash and only throwing away what’s necessary.

Clean the Oven

The holidays mean extra cooking and baking which can leave your oven coated with accidental spills. Clean spills or messes inside your oven and wipe the stove top surface with cleaner to refresh the surface.

Disinfect Door Handles and Knobs

Now that the guests are gone, reduce the spread of winter colds and germs by wiping down the handles and knobs throughout your home with disinfecting wipes. Don’t forget to clean these periodically throughout the winter to reduce colds and cases of flu being spread around your household.

With a little help, your house will be spotless and back to normal after the holidays. At Maid to Shine, we offer local cleaning services for Colorado Springs residents. If you need help to clean up after the holidays, we can help. Contact us to schedule your next cleaning appointment.

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  1. Such a lovely post! All the suggestions and advises are very helpful for me now. I just sent my last holiday guests (yes a week after New Year’s Eve) and it’s time for me to clean the house thoroughly. Although I’m a professional cleaner, my house is not perfectly clean as most people think and that’s why this year I’ve decided to make a new cleaning system for myself to follow. A new year – a new system! Some of your tips seem to be very useful fro me, so I’m definitely including them in my plan. Have a great year! Greets, Penelope

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