The Power of Natural Cleaners, Pt 1

It’s no secret that Maid to Shine supports cleaning with 100% green, eco-friendly cleaning products. The question some might have: do they really work? In past posts, Maid to Shine has talked about the important health benefits that come from using green products to clean. It’s true we only use all-natural cleaning products when we clean your home, and we encourage others to use them too!

So, how effective is it to use natural cleaners in your home? Do they work as well as the harsh chemical cleaners?

Myths About Natural Cleaning Products

It’s a myth to suppose that natural cleaning products can’t kill germs. You don’t have to rely on toxic cleaners or bleach to disinfect your home. Imagine! A cleaning product so effective in it’s ability to kill bacteria, it can do it without irritating or harming your body!

There are many natural cleaners that can effectively clean and disinfect your home. Studies do show that chemical cleaners pack more of a punch, but the amount of killing power chemical cleaners have isn’t actually necessary to clean your homes. Those same studies show natural cleaning products have just the right amount of power to do the job properly! And if we are disciplined in our cleaning routines, wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces regularly (with natural cleaners), then we don’t actually need harsh chemicals in our homes. Natural cleaners are just as effective.

Effective Natural Cleaners

There are many 100% natural cleaners out there. If we’re dedicated to using them effectively in our homes, then a little bit of research goes a long way in helping us decide which natural cleaners are best for us. Vinegars, castile soaps, tea tree oils, and other such products are great for successfully killing off germs in our homes.

If you need a scrubbing paste, you can even use baking soda and your go to natural cleaner to create a scrubbing paste. This all natural, green paste is absolutely perfect for scrubbing up scum and build up in our bathrooms and kitchens. You can even sprinkle a little baking soda into your toilet and use a toilet brush to clean out the bowl.

Don’t limit your ability to clean meritoriously by assuming only chemical cleaning agents will do a thorough job. Disinfecting and killing germs is a vital part of everyone’s cleaning process, and it can be done with green products, too!

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