Pro-tips for the Best Vacuuming

Vacuuming floors is the cornerstone of a thorough cleaning. Not only is it the final, finishing touch to the cleaning regime; but it’s important and pivotal to the upkeep of clean floors. It takes up dust and dirt that’s settled into the fibres of carpets and rugs, making the air and home that much cleaner! To get the best out of your vacuuming, try a few of the following tips for yourself.

Vacuuming Tips that Take Your Cleaning the Extra Mile

  1. clean up any clutter before vacuuming: if there are books, piles of papers, clothes, or toys on the floor, do a quick clean-up of your floor before you vacuum. This will let you get every inch of the carpet possible. The less cluttered your floor is, the more crumbs, dirt, dust, and pet hair you get up out of the carpet.
  2. vacuum under the furniture: dust, fur, dust bunnies, and other debris will drift underneath furniture. Moving larger pieces of furniture at least once a year is a great deep cleaning project.
  3. move medium sized objects: it’s important to move objects like laundry baskets, foot stools, and other objects of similar size to vacuum underneath. Vacuuming around these items might give an appearance of a room being outwardly clean; but
  4. vacuum cloth furniture: dust and fur like to get trapped in the woven fibres of the cloth. The vacuum will pull the dust right out, keeping your furniture fresh and like new.
  5. vacuum once or twice a week: this is so important for consistently getting the dust out of your home. The more often you vacuum, the cleaner the carpet becomes. If you have a pet or two, it can even help with getting the pet hair out of the home too. Regularly and frequently vacuuming will cut down the amount of these allergens floating around in the air. It even makes your dusting routine more efficient.
  6. invest in a quality vacuum: it might not seem like an important step; but the quality of your vacuum can make significant changes in how much dust, hair, and dirt is pulled up from the floors.
  7. maintain your vacuum: the quality your cleaning can even depend on how well you’re taking care of your vacuum. Vacuums are an essential tool to the care of your home. Regularly cleaning and changing their filters and keeping up with their upkeep will do it’s part in the upkeep of your home!
  8. vacuum AFTER cleaning and dusting a room: this will pick up any dirt and dust that’s fallen to the floors.

These tips are steps Maid to Shine cleaning techs take when we come to clean for our clients! And if you’re short on time, Maid to Shine would love to help you schedule a cleaning and help vacuum the floors in your home.

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