Pro-tips for Hard to Scrub Spots

Here at Maid to Shine, we talk quite a bit about the importance of wiping down furniture and other things around our homes to get up grime and built on dust. We all know it’s not always possible to dust to get things clean. Hand wiping is a great method to have handy. But sometimes even hand wiping isn’t enough to get up grime, or the spots don’t want to come up easily.

What should be done when you run into this situation? How do you get spots (large or small) that won’t come up when you wipe it down by hand?

The Right Tools for the Job

Going further than hand wiping items around your home is a pretty easy task, as long as you have the right tools for it. You’ll need the tools you typically need for hand wiping (clean rags, an all purpose cleaner, etc.) and then these additional tools:

  • a scrubbie
  • a scraper

Looking at the surface of counter tops, cupboards, doors, and even the floors in your house, it can be a little tricky discerning whether or not spots need to be wiped or scrubbed. The best way to tell (generally), is to hand wipe normally, and if there are specific areas that seem to be harder to wipe up, that is when you can use the scrubbie or scraper to get the spots up.

Which Tool is Best: Scrubbie or Scraper?

Both have their merits, and it depends on how hard, rough, sticky or grimy the spot is. Some of the harder spots can be tackled with a scrubbie, but some of them might need to be gently scraped up with the scraper. If you ever find yourself unsure, just test out the spot with the scrubbie first. If it comes up, then the scrubbie is the right choice, but if it’s still coming up with difficulty, then you might have to use the scraper.

When it comes to using both the scrubbie and scraper, take enough precaution to not scratch the surfaces. It’s best not to use either tool on plastic surfaces. The scraper shouldn’t be used on stainless steel or painted surfaces. It can scratch both. If you are every unsure about whether or not to use the scrubbie and scraper on a surface, gentle pressure works very well. It can ease up the spot without damaging the surface, and letting the spots you’re scrubbing up soak a little bit will help as well.

After a while, getting up hardened spots of food and debris around your home won’t be a problem! Using a scrubbie and scraper as a secret tool can benefit your cleaning and hand wiping regime. It will make it easier for you to get spots up, and it will help your home look thoroughly clean and spotless.

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