Pro Tips: How to Find the Best House Cleaning Service in Colorado Springs

Today you have options for house cleaning services. Besides asking family or friends for recommendations, how do you find the absolute best house cleaning service in Colorado Springs? Here are a few pro tips to help you.

Pro Tip: Independent Contractors vs. Professional House Cleaning Companies

Each option has their own pros and cons. You need to consider your needs and decide what’s important to you. Professional house cleaning companies are licensed and bonded to cover damages to your home. Independent contractors rarely have appropriate insurances to cover unexpected damages.

Trust is also an issue. When someone new enters your home, you want to trust that valuables won’t go missing. You may find a friend or recommended contractor, or you could hire a professional company who performs background checks on each employee. These safeguards can help put your mind at ease. Understand the main differences before you go one route versus the other.

Pro Tip: Consider Your Health with Quality Cleaning Supplies

Some companies require you to provide your own cleaning supplies. The best cleaning services in Colorado Springs do the work for you. Great companies provide green, eco-friendly cleaners to make sure children and pets aren’t harmed by harsh cleaning chemicals. Find local companies who put your health, and the health of their employees, first.

Pro Tip: Research Their Reputation

Read reviews and ask around. The best house cleaning services always rise to the top. Companies with a reputation for friendly staff, great service, and exceptional cleaning will naturally get repeat customers and referrals. You can’t go wrong with a company everybody loves!

Pro Tip: Cleaning Schedules Should Fit Your Needs – Not Theirs

Cleaning packages can help you decide what you need, but what if you need something different than pre-packaged services? Great cleaning companies will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need at a fair price. Find a company willing to customize a cleaning schedule for you.

Pro Tip: Protection of Your Personal Property Is Important

As mentioned above, the best cleaning companies are licensed and bonded to protect you and your property against potential damages. The last thing you want to do is hire a company who isn’t properly insured and any damages become your problem. Make sure a company is covered before you do business with them.

At Maid to Shine, our customers consider us one of the best house cleaning services in Colorado Springs for these reasons and more. Give us a call to schedule your cleaning appointment today.

10 comments on “Pro Tips: How to Find the Best House Cleaning Service in Colorado Springs

  1. I really like that you mention how packages should be exactly what you need, not what they are predetermining as a bundled service. I had a company who insisted that their services only be purchased in specific bundles. Unfortunately, I had to buy two different bundles to get done the things I needed. I stopped using that company as soon as I was able to find a new one that I trusted because I hated paying for more than I actually needed!

  2. I agree that you should consider your health with quality cleaning. Otherwise, the cleanliness will only partially be worth it. You should make sure you know what chemicals you’re allergic to beforehand.

  3. I like your tip about considering professional and independent cleaning companies. Someone who just wants a little bit of cleaning done every week or so are probably fine with an independent contractor, while someone who wants heavy-duty cleaning done multiple times a week will probably prefer a professional cleaning company. Also, like you said, professional cleaning services are more likely to have insurance, so if that’s important to you, you’ll probably want to choose professionals for the job. Thanks for the tips.

  4. wowww!!!
    What an inspiring list!  I am soo pleased to have found your page..

    I am reading everyword and look forward to trying it.

    I agree with your each point you have explained in the blog,….This are great tips in terms of keeping house clean and organized.

    thank you for sharing your creative ideas..

  5. You have some great tips here for hiring the best cleaning service. I really like the tip about researching the companies reputation and customer reviews. In my opinion, if the company has done a good job in the past, you can bet they’ll do a good job in the future too.

  6. After going through this article i realized how to fit the cleaning schedules in accordance with my need at an appropriate price.Health is also dependent on quality of cleaning.Very interesting article.Keep sharing please!

  7. Finding the right cleaning professional has become a most challengeable in this competition era of cleaning companies. You all points are really impressive and useful for all of us. Being a cleaning agent, We know the importance of cleaning in our cities or country. That’s why, I like your all ideas because your points are so easy to apply and also effective for us.

  8. You’ve got great tips for finding a good house cleaning company. I like how you said that we need to read online reviews and talk to customers too. We’re looking to hire someone to help us keep our home cleaner, so these are some great ideas.

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