Professional Methods for Cleaning Your Walls, Pt 2

In our last post, we discussed why we the walls in our home need to be cleaned. There are two methods: dry dusting and wet wiping. In last week’s post, we showed you a great professional cleaning hack for dry dusting. This week, we’ll go over how to clean your walls if they need to be wet wiped.

Wet Wiping Your Walls

You’ll wet wipe your walls if the grime is a film across the surface that won’t come up when you dust it. Wet wiping is a similar method to dry dusting. The difference is obvious, instead of using dry clean rags to pull dust up from the walls, you’ll use damp rags to wipe off the grime.

What You’ll Need

* dry, clean rags

* a basic, Swiffer mop (no Swiffer sheets needed)

* a gentle cleaning agent (we recommend all natural)

Take one of your clean, dry rags and place it on the Swiffer. Place the clean rag in the same method as mentioned in the previous post. Once you’ve adjusted the clean rag onto the Swiffer, dampen it with your cleaning agent; we recommend an all natural, green cleaner. Do this by lightly spritzing the rag with the cleaner. The entire rag should be adequately damp—just enough to pull up the grime. You don’t want the rag to be soaking or dripping.

Next, place the mop head flat against the wall, up as far as it will reach (or as high as the wall goes). Slowly and firmly pull the mop head down the wall. This allows the rag to pull up the grime and dirt that is stuck on the wall. You’ll need to use a little more pressure than when you dust the walls. Continue doing this from one side of the wall to the other. You can work in sections at a time, or you can work in a circle. If you work in a circle, do this to the right—beginning at the door and ending at the door. Do this for every room in your home that needs to be wet-wiped.

These simple but professional cleaning hacks can really transform the look of your home. Your clean rooms will go from fantastic to outstanding! Are you finding that you don’t have the time or energy for cleaning the walls? No problem! Simply call our Maid to Shine offices to book a cleaning for your home today. Dusting or wiping down the walls is an add on service we offer our clients!

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  1. I believe this method is a must for those who want to clean their walls. Our way of cleaning is different though, but this methods are what we can call as fundamentals.

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