Professional Mopping Tips

Mopping is possibly one of the least favorite cleaning tasks that exist. Getting the floors cleaned to a standard that is satisfactory can be quite the chore. It takes a lot of effort, some skill, and a lot of dedication—as well as a great deal of self-discipline. At Maid to Shine, we’re dedicated to cleaning and mopping floors for our clients until they shine. We’re not satisfied unless you are satisfied.

Since mopping well can be a bit of a challenge, and since we are so dedicated to leaving our clients with peace, it’s resulted in our quest to find the best ways to mop. Along the way, we’ve found some helpful tips to make the job easier!

Three Tips to Level Up Your Mopping Game

Sweep Well Before Moping: this might be an obvious point, but it’s very important. Sweep thoroughly before you mop. Get into every nook, under every cabinet edge, in the corners, and under the furniture. Don’t do a half-hearted job, either. Cleaning the floors requires a perfectionist point of view, and the more that is swept up, the better the mopping experience.

Use a Liberal Amount of Cleaning Solution on the Floors: when you juice up the floors with your cleaning solution, it isn’t time to skimp or hold back. If the floors have some significant build up, having enough solution on the floors will help work up the dirt from the floors.

If you need to, you can even let the solution sit for a few minutes, so that it soaks into the dirt. It’s easier to get dirt up while mopping if it’s had time to soak.

Mop in Strong, Natural Light: If it’s possible, mop in strong, natural light. Why? You can use the light to check the floors as you’ve mopped. It’s an easy trick of the trade. Once you’ve mopped a section, step back and bend over so that you can see the light reflecting off of the floors. The light shows you if you’ve gotten up all of the dirt or not. If dirt, spots, or splotches are remaining, it will be easy to see it in the light. All that is left is to go back and mop up smears and spots that might have been invisible otherwise.

Use this trick for the entire floor every time. It will impact the outcome of your floors majorly!

While mopping does take a great deal of discipline and dedication to clean, it isn’t impossible to get beautifully clean floors. It’s a mere matter of knowing the right tricks and how to apply them. After this, it’s as easy as anything to have beautifully mopped floors.

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