Reinvent Your Spring Cleaning

It isn’t a surprise for spring to be just around the corner and see that this week’s post is all about spring cleaning ideas! It might feel like an old topic that’s a little worn from overuse. But just like there are ways to revamp your cleanings, here we are with new, fresh ideas for spring cleaning!

Reinventing Your Spring Cleaning Routine

*Toss Out the Old, Dusty Chemical Cleaners: what better time to switch from chemical to all-natural cleaners? Spring is a time of fresh, new beginnings; and perhaps you’ve been planning on trying natural cleaners for a while. Why not now? Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts, and that seems like the perfect time to begin using all natural, safe, green cleaners.

Why clean green? It’s a simple answer! It’s a safer, healthier alternative to chemical cleaners. Instead of inhaling chemicals every time you clean, you can clean with peace of mind. All natural cleaners do actually work, without the risk to your health.

*Does Your Cleaning Routine Need Switching Up? Maybe spring cleaning is the perfect time for you to take a thorough look at what you have been doing to clean your home and evaluate whether or not it can be tweaked, improved, or altered? Before you dive into your spring time cleaning for 2021, sit down with a pen and paper, and brainstorm the various ways you can make your cleaning routine better than ever. Does it work on the day(s) you’ve set aside for it? Do you have enough time to hit all of the key areas? Or perhaps you need to cut back a little?

*Find New Ways to Make Your Routine Efficient, Effective, & Less Stressful: this goes hand in hand with a cleaning routine switch up! While you’re going over your cleaning routines, thinking about what needs deep cleaned for spring— ask yourself how you can make your routine more efficient and effective. There are always things we can do to improve the time it takes us to clean, and we can find more ways to be efficient at it. What does this give us, in return? It gives us more time and it makes cleaning less stressful! The payoff for regularly cleaning our homes and having it be stress free is huge!

* Make a List of Places & Items that Need Deep Cleaning Every Spring: one way to make your spring cleaning time more efficient every year is to keep a tangible list of what you want to deep clean every year. Instead of winging it, trying to remember everything, and stressing over whether or not something was forgotten, simply write it all down. Keep it in a safe place, where it’s easy to access every year.

Give your yearly spring time cleaning routine a nifty sprucing up. It’s easy, and it only requires a little bit of critical thinking. Let us know what you come up with!

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  1. The hardest thing we hear with our customers is a serious struggle in keeping a schedule. I always recommend keeping your list of things to deep clean in your phones calendar/noted app. Everyone has a phone so we encourage people to keep it digital. Loved the article!

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