Residential Cleaning in Colorado Springs

4 Myths About Residential Cleaning

We hear a lot of talk about residential cleaning in Colorado Springs. A lot of that talk is positive (especially coming from our clients), but there’s also plenty of misconceptions about the nature of residential cleaning. We’d like to address a few myths for those who might want to hire a cleaner but aren’t sure it’s the best choice for them.

Myth 1: Only Wealthy People Hire Residential Cleaners

There’s a notion floating around that only the wealthy pay for residential cleaning in Colorado Springs. People don’t want to hire a cleaner because they’re afraid of appearing snobbish.

Let’s bust that myth right now. Busy people who want clean homes hire residential cleaners. They may be working families or families with one stay-at-home parent. They know the value of their time and they’d rather pay someone to clean so they can focus on something else. That ‘something else’ may be work, volunteer activities or caring for children.

Myth 2: If You Hire a Cleaner, They’ll Require Weekly Work

Some people don’t hire house cleaners because they can’t afford to bring a cleaning person in every week. That’s fine by us. Arrange for us to come once a month. Or, have us come once each season for deep cleaning. Whatever fits your budget.

Residential cleaning is meant to make your life easier. Together, we put a plan in place to fit your needs and budget. A weekly cleaning may not be the best plan for you and that’s ok.

Myth 3: People Who Hire Housecleaners Are Lazy

No one can do it all. Hiring a housecleaner is a great way of outsourcing. You outsource your car to a mechanic, your clothing production to a manufacturer, and food to farmers. Consider outsourcing your cleaning to us so you can get to the work you need to do. Or, don’t be afraid to give yourself a break and use that time to relax. We all have to work and it’s just a matter of deciding if you want your work to be cleaning your house.

Myth 4: Hiring A House Cleaner Is Dangerous! They’ll Rob You Blind

Sure, if you hire someone you don’t know who doesn’t have a business presence, you’re taking a risk. Hiring from a larger company with an online presence automatically makes the process a lot safer. If a house cleaner were robbing people, you better believe they’d be getting bad reviews online. Plus, the thief would lose their job.

We value your privacy and security. We only send out trustworthy people to clean your home.

Always check out online reviews before hiring. We’re proud of our reputation and would love to work with you to take house cleaning off of your to-do list. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a personalized plan.

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