Have the Right Vacuum for the Task

Did you know you could be throwing away your money by buying the cheapest vacuum? You might even be throwing away the dollars by tossing it on the flashiest, most expensive brand, too.

What a crazy thought! We can go from one extreme to another: being as thrifty as possible by nabbing the cheapest vacuum from the store or laying out all of our money for the most expensive name brand. But the cheapest brand might not be picking up as much dirt as we need it too, and the most expensive brand might be doing a job with the same quality as another brand that’s significantly cheaper.

How the “Cheapest” Vacuum can Wreck Havoc in Your Home

It’s a little startling to think that actually investing a little more into the vacuum we use can revolutionize our cleaning routine. It doesn’t mean we have to buy the most expensive vacuum out there. It’s more that we know which brands work, which don’t—because even the most expensive brands out there might not work as well as a well, established (and affordable) brand. Even the different models within a brand can impact your vacuuming experience. The cheapest model in the Shark line, for example, might not do as well as a Shark that is priced $50 more. There’s a balance.

The Cheapest Vacuum Won’t Always Save You $$$: and it might be doing a terrible, poor job at getting dirt up from your floors, stairs, and cloth furniture. What’s more, the low end vacuums might not even last as long. I remember growing up and we always had the cheapest brand possible, but buying a vacuum became a yearly event from the vacuum breaking down. Once we invested a little more money into the vacuum, not only did it do a significantly better job, but we weren’t buying them constantly. It saved us money in the long run.

Expensive is NOT Always Best: we might think the best solution to a cheap vacuum is the most expensive brand out there. This isn’t always true. There are some expensive brands out there that do no better than mid-priced vacuum brands. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking trendy, expensive, and name brand equals quality. Sometimes a more expensive brand might perform the same (or a little less) than a quality vacuum like the Shark brand—and those more expensive brands might be more cumbersome and difficult to use.

Read & Research: if you aren’t sure which brand is for you, and what vacuum will help you get the most bang for your buck, research the brands and models; read the reviews. What works for other customers? What didn’t? Also keep in mind, that what doesn’t work for another customer might NOT be a deal breaker for you. Someone can give an otherwise good vacuum a one star review, but you would give it five. Everyone’s needs are differently suited.

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  1. I 100% agree with this, especially when you say that “Expensive is NOT Always Best”! We get cleaners that apply to work with us at At Home Maids that have high end products like a Dyson Ball vacuum thinking it’s going to make them the best cleaner in the entire company. In all honesty, some of our best cleaners are those that take care or their equipment through regular maintenance.

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