A Safe Cleaning to Give You Peace of Mind

Maid to Shine’s goal is leaving peace for all of our clients, and that includes giving you peace of mind and a clean home during Covid-19

Keeping your homes clean and sanitized is an essential part of fighting against COVID-19, and it’s an essential task we take seriously here at Maid to Shine. It should be a given that we can feel a sense of safety and assurance in our own homes, knowing they’re clean and sanitised.

The cleanings and electrostatic fogging service that we offer are only a part of how we are working to help you and your family stay healthy and safe. There are extensive precautions we are also taking with our employees to keep you and our cleaning techs safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

The following precautions are steps we’ve taken to give you and your family peace of mind as we clean and disinfect your homes.

  • All techs must wash their hands when they are entering and leaving your home. This is in addition to already having our natural soaps on their hands as a benefit of cleaning throughout the day.
  • Techs wear face masks while in your home and work to maintain a 6 ft. distance.
  • Techs spray down their tools and shoes with hydrogen peroxide before entering your home in order to kill off any germs or bacteria.
  • We already ask sick team members to remain home; however, we are being double sure of this as well by giving the office a more heightened judgment to tell staff they have to stay home.
  • If you know you are feeling sick, have the virus, or suspect you have the virus, make sure to let us know right away, please.
  • Our natural sanitizer is derived from fir pine needles. It smells like Pine-Sol, but it is not chemically manufactured. It is safe for you, but it is also tough on disinfecting!
  • All of our rags are only used once before being washed. We do not cross contaminate rags on different surfaces.
  • We have always preferred to use your vacuum in order to keep pathogens and dirt from cross contaminating. If we are not currently using yours and you have a vacuum we can use, please call or email the office; we will change your work order.
  • We always sanitize door knobs, light switch plates, and counter tops (frequently touched areas), no matter what level of cleaning you choose.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens (the areas where pathogens like to linger) are always hand washed. If you would like anything else hand washed, please contact the office and we can get you pricing details.
  • We are also now offering an Electrostatic Fogging service that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses (including COVID-19)

The CDC has cited an effective way to fight COVID-19 is to keep your home clean. Remember, we promise a top to bottom, professional cleaning every time. We are working hard to keep your space clean and safe for you and your family. Thank you for choosing Maid to Shine to help you take care of your home and health during these uncertain times!

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